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Question ID 305 Friday 1st of February 2013


I always had a seven day long periods and now after having four children it changing. Some months will period where I will not have bleeding on 5 or 6 day but some on the 7th day. But some times I will be clean from 6th day but I will not read thinking may be I should wait till tomorrow. This happens every month, if I have a bath and do my prayers, then I will have a bleeding afterwards, and other times, I will wait and nothing happens. I am very confused as what I should do.Do I need to make up for the prayers I missed while waiting for the seven days to be over. Please advice me soon. Jazak allah Khair.


Any blood comes during the seven days of your period is menstruation, and you must leave Namaz, but you must pray if there is no menstruation. Previous days when you left Namaz with out being in menses, you must make up its Namaz.

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