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Question ID  914  -  Womens Issues -  2013-12-05 20:15:02
As-Salamu A'laikum Sayyidna, Is it allowed for a mother who has just given birth to donate umbilical cord blood, which will be used to treat other sick people (i.e. leukemia)? This blood is not taken from the newborn but from the cord that connects it to the mother and will be discarded. Thank you, Mehdi Hazari
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  801  -  Womens Issues -  2013-10-19 13:30:02
Sallam, please what are the qualities of a good and perfect hijab and also which of the of the body that is allowed to be seen. Khuda hafiz
Answer:-  Proper Hijab is dress which covers the whole body of the female except her
face and hands.
It must not be tied to show the shape of what is been coverd, and must not
be transparent.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  787  -  Womens Issues -  2013-10-08 19:45:01
salaam u alaykum, is a woman allowed to put her qari reciations of the Holy Quran on youtube ? and what is there any harm in men listening to them ? there are many videos on youtube of Women reciting The Holy Quran like a Qari.
Answer:-  It is allowed for her to put her recitation on YouTube .
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  781  -  Womens Issues -  2013-10-03 11:30:01
Salam aleikum, my name is Yassin, i am 23 and i recently got married. I am a shia convert (from sunni islam) and my wife is Sunni. I knew, from before marriage, that my wife had issues with a jinn, and that her parents had several scholars who had studied in Saudi arabia or in the Al Azhar university to give her Roqya to root out the jinn. They all agreed she was routinely posessed but they failed to root out the jinn. Over the course of time she has had many symptoms like: Memory loss, seeing jinn in the appartment, feeling the jinn inside her body, being unable to move or call me etc. I am writing this in 4 o'clock in the morning as i am sitting next to my sleeping wife, i dare not go to sleep this night. She told me tonight she felt him (the jinn) and that she had seen a dead half rotten woman carry a bearded man towards her, and she could not move or call me. I have said surah al Kursi and she said that made the jinn go away. I see nothing, and i have no problems, but i fear for my wife. She says she has the ability to sometimes control her dreams, in wich she can move around freely, one night she was in the home of her parents, she said she flew to me in her dream and she described exactly what i was wearing in the bed and what she said was correct. Please syed, if you are able, advise me on what i can do to free my wife from this jinn. I had already challenged him once, saying this is my home and my wife, and that i will not tolerate him, but this helped only for a few weeks, after wich he came back. My wife is in the period of her menses (menstruation now), i do not know if this is related or not. Jazak allah, i thank you for your time and i apologise for laying my worries on you
Answer:-  This situation can be dealt with by:
1. Reciting Ayatyul Kursi, Sura Falaq and Sura Naas loudly at home. It will
drive the bad Jinn away Insha Allah.
2. Reciting this verse loudly at home (=ED=F5=D1=D3=F3=E1 =DA=E1=ED=DF=E3 =
=C8=F6=D4=E6=C7=D9=F2 =E3=E4 =E4=C7=D1=F2 =E6=E4=F5=F5=CD=C7=D3
=DD=E1=C7 =CA=E4=CA=D5=D1=C7=E4)
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  721  -  Womens Issues -  2013-09-07 07:15:01
Salam-Mun-Ale-Kum, What rules must a woman follow for prayers post her delivery ? Is the ruling any different for continuous flow of blood or occasional flow for 40 days and beyond ? Was-Salaam Siraj
Answer:-  Post natal period (Nifaas) when the woman is not allowed to pray Namaz or fa=
st, is usually the same number of days of her menstrual monthly period. If t=
he blood flow remains more than those days, it can be extended to maximum of=
ten days starting from the time of delivery. Any blood after ten days in no=
t Nifaas but Istihazah. Woman must pray Namaz immediately after blood stops b=
ut not more than ten days, even if the blood flow continues , because that b=
lood is not Nifaas.
The claim that woman should not pray for 40 days has no foundation in Islami=
c evidences at all and it might have come from non Muslim culture.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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