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Question ID  869  -  Marriage
Salam sayyid, I am currently in a situation where the guy I want to marry is unable to marry me due to certain circumstances, my parents are happy with the prospect of me marrying him - in the interim can I conduct a mutah nikah to become his temp wife?
Answer:-  Virgin girl needs the approval of her father or paternal grand father for
her marriage whether permanent or temporary marriage. Even if your father
agrees on Mut'ah , my advice to you that you should not go for sexual
intercourse before having permanent marriage.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  865  -  Marriage
Salam A muslim lady is married in a civil way only. Please note she has not performed an Islamic marriage of Nika. This is obviously haram because she is only married in a western civil way and has no Nika. My question is: can a muslim man marry this same lady or does she have to wait to get her civil marriage divorce. Please note this muslim woman has been separated for over a year now as well.
Answer:-  This woman needs Talaq from her husband because she thought herself
married. This is a precaution. She can re marry after the Talaq and the
Iddah are over.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  850  -  Marriage
can a married women have mutta without taking her husband's permission?
Answer:-  It is absolutely forbidden for married woman to have any relation with any
other man but her husband. As it is absolutely forbidden for a married
woman to get married to another man while she is still married to her
husband, Mut'a is also a type of marriage which is absolutely forbidden
while woman is already married.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  776  -  Marriage
Salam alaikum Sayed Moosawi People say that the night of the nikkah is very auspicious.The bride and groom do some amal and the groom has to wash the brides feet. But in some communities the parents of the bride take her back to their house after the nikkah.And than the next day they have a reception and than give the hand of their daughter to the in-laws.So in this situation the bride and groom will be doing their amals not on their actuall nikkah night.Are they being deprived of the sawab or is this also okay. Thank you
Answer:-  Such custom ( in some communities the parents of the bride take her back
to their house after the Nikah and on the next day they have a reception
and then give the hand of their daughter to the in-laws ) is wrong because
it delays the bride and the groom to be together as husband and wife which
is in fact their right.
The recommended Amaal (deeds) which you mentioned are not obligatory but
just Mustahab and they are recommended to be performed on the night of
wedding when the bride and groom are together for the first time. It
remains recommended even if the wedding is delayed.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  775  -  Marriage
Salam alaikum Sayed Moosawi Nowadays the brides are asking for a Hajj trip from their husbands inplace of Mahar amount. Is this okay. Jazakallah
Answer:-  Yes it is permissible for the bride to ask for Hajj expenses as Mahr or
part of Mahr from the groom.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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