The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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My daughter has involved in love with a sunni boy ,as we are Shia.We performed engagement with a Shia boy but She is not ready to for marriage as that Shia boy is very momin and muttaqi and has a great love towards ahlulbait.What is Islam ruling on this.
Answer:-  If your daughter is already engaged to a Shia boy and she is in love with another person from different sect, you need to talk to her and convince and warn her about the bad sequences of such act.
In principle , Marriage is allowed between Muslims, but if the marriage can cause harm on true faith, then it will be not allowed. You can not force your daughter to marry a person when she is in love with another person, but you need to be very open and frank with her in order to make her understand the consequences.
Mohammad Al-Musaw

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Salam. So i have several questions. 1. I am a shia girl, I met someone who was shia and we did mutah. I was a virgin but he did not consider me a virgin because i had done oral/physical things with others before and my hymen was broken cause of that but never penetration or intercourse. Was it halal of him to not consider me a virgin and not ask my father before doing mutah and having intercourse with me? 2. He has had intercourse with many women before me all who were muslim, christian or jewish, over 20 and he said as a shia man he can do mutah as many times he wants purely for his sexual desires and does not need a waiting period to do so. Is this true? Can a man do mutah unlimited amount of times for purely his desires and not wait in between mutah? Is this his religious right? 3. Can a man do mutah with multiple girls at once?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
1- You are still a Virgin girl because you did not marry before. You need
permission of your father for any type of marriage including Mut'ah
2- A married Muslim man needs the permission of his Muslim wife for doing
Mut'ah with woman from Ahlul Kitano.
3- Mut'ah marriage aims to protect men and women from sinful sexual acts.
It should not be misused in any way.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Asalam o alaikum. Recently i have married (muta) with a divorced. And she is living with parents and is not financially independent. She is Muslim but she follows someone live in london and she believes he is Imam Mahdi. So please guide me is my muta valid, as i am under takleed of ayatollah sistani.
Answer:-  If she is a Muslim, then the Muta marriage with her is valid even if she is misguided by a person who lives in London claiming that he is the Imam.
Can you please write more details about the person who claims this false claim?

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Is it possible to do mutta online (aqd recited on phone ) in order to chat to a lady who is within the rules to do mutta ie divorced. Also can intimate pictures and videos exchanged under mutta conditions. Jazakallah khair inshallah for your guidance. May Allah swt reward you for your efforts. Aameen
Answer:-  Yes it is permissible to do Mut=E2=80=99ah on phone provided all condition=
s are
If Mut=E2=80=99ah is valid, then intimacy is allowed.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Salaam Syed! My question is a Married man can do mutha with a Sunni girl who married a non Muslim man and has a child from him ? But now they separated for 3 years . is it permissible do mutha with her without her parents permission however she is independent in her income.i am follow to ayetullah syed sistani. Thank you very much . Waslaam
Answer:-  No marriage is allowed between Muslim female and non Muslim male. She is
still unmarried and needs her father=E2=80=99s permission.
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