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Question ID  5161  -  Marriage
Asalaam o alaikum Today its been 9 years of my married life and we have 3 kids and my wife is also aalima from wafiq ul madaris but i have cought my wife cheating with me 4 time in this 9 years (she makes affair with my every friend and with anyone she wants ) i dont know what to do with her because she has no one in this world her father died and she has no sister no brother but now i have sperated her bed with me kindly please guide me what to do with her Walekum salaam
Answer:-  It is unusual for a woman who has studies religious studies to cheat. I can
not judge her before listening to her, but if you are sure that she did
cheat you and did not talk to people with clean intention, then you need to
talk to her nicely to advise her and ask her :
1. Why did she cheat when she has a husband and children?
2. What does she think about the consequences in this life and hereafter?
3. What does she expect from her children when they know about her cheating
if it really happened?
4. If she has daughters, does she want her daughters to cheat their husband
in the future?
5. What men with whom she cheated you will think about her, specially when
they know that she studied in a religious school?
6. Does she feel that such major sinful act can be committed again by her?
7. Can she promise Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (AS)
to stop and change her life to a pious life?
If she accepts to stop wrong acts, then give a her another chance and see.
If she refused to promise or if she promises then commits the wrong again,
then you need to take another step by involving respected persons who have
influence on her.
It is wrong to separate her bed from your bed. This can worsen the
situation between you and her and can be used as an excuse to do more wrong
because of your neglecting her needs as a woman. Some women do wrong with
the excuse of not getting enough attention and love from their husbands.
Never tell any one about this problem because it will affect the future of
your children and even your respect in the society. Only those trusted
mediators can be informed when it is required.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5160  -  Marriage
Salam,janab mai ek shadi shuda aurat hu mera shauhar mujse jismani rishta nahi qayam kar pata jisko wajh se woh mujhe avoid karta hai aur bi usko behaviour problems hai mai apni shadishuda zidagi me kbilkul khush nahi hu mere shauhar ka bahut ilaj karvaya but koifaida nahi hai mere do bacche hai mai kya karu mai Islam ke sharai tariqe se hi apni life guzarna humai kya karu akya mai kisi ke mutah kar sakti hu plz reply kr diye.hmujse koi
Answer:-  As you have children from your husband, it means that you had sexual relation with your husband during sometime.
You are not allowed to have any relation with any other man as far as you are married. If you agree with your husband to go for Talaq, then after Talaq as passing the IDDAH, you will be allowed to get married to another man, whether permanent (NIkah) or temporary (Mut’ah).
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  5133  -  Marriage
As Salaamun Ale Kum, A woman from Ahle Sunnah Sect married a man but separated after 2 years, she stayed separated raising their child alone at her parent’s house. The couple after 7-8 years got legally divorced in Dec 2019. In between the period of separation she met a man and had a brief physical relation with him. The woman regrets the physical relation she had with another man during her period of separation; she has now met a Shi’a man now and is willing to enter mu’tah and follow the Sha’riah to be with the Shia Man, the man who is a follower of Agha Ali Sistani. Is iddah to be observed after the legal divorce for the woman, considering there was a physical relation during the separation period?
Answer:-  The legal divorce does not mean necessarily an Islamic Talaq unless the man is a Sunni who takes the legal divorce as an Islamic Talaq.
After Talaq, Iddah is must which is three menstrual periods.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  5090  -  Marriage
Aoa Sir few years ago one of my class fellow text me.... Binte... Nikah qabool h. I replied v unconsciously as yes. Just by thinking in this manner will happen. After some time we stop to talk and I totally forget about that. And few yrs later I got married with another person. Now I remember my that mistake please tell me is that mistake have any impact on my marriage and on my relation. Please reply in the light of Quran and hadees
Answer:-  Texting has no value in such matters.

Question ID  5075  -  Marriage
salaam,pls is there a dua one need to say before engaging in intimacy with spouse. also i do have dreams of being naked in front of people without shame and without the people around being concerned about me. i do taqleed Ayatullah Sistani.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb.
1. It is recommended to perform Wudhu then to say: Bismillah Arrahman
2. Seek forgiveness from sins which you have forgotten by repeating

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