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Question ID  4634  -  Marriage
ASSALAM o Alaikum i want to ask that if a girl and boy are reciting the SEEGHAA of Marriage themselves, how many times it is necessary to recite those words of seegha e nikah ?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam Wr Wb
If they recite the Seegha of marriage in proper Araic language, then just one time is enough, keeping in mind that virgin girl needs her father’s permission for any type of marriage.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4610  -  Marriage
Slam! Agr ksi ki qiraat thek na ho r usy qasd e inshaa ka pta bhi na to aisa shakhs agr ksi ka nikah prrhy to kiya nikah thek hoga?
Answer:-  Seegha of Nikah must be recited in proper Arabic.

Question ID  4591  -  Marriage
If a women is married but not satisfied from her husbnd and they they long gap in intercourse so she can do mutah
Answer:-  Mut’ah is nothing but a type of marriage which has a time fixed. Married woman is never allowed to have another man in her life while she is married. No Mu’ah can be allowed at all for a married woman. It will not be a Mut’ah but Zina (fornication) which is a major sin.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4590  -  Marriage
Aslam-o-alekum sir,kiaya nikah-e- daimi/or nikah-e-mutah donon k liay wali ki ijazat zarori ha. agar ijazat milna mumkin na ho , ya ijazat lenay k silsalay ma jan ko khatra hoo, to kia kia jay... or bina nikah k gunah ka hona ka khatra hoo...
Answer:-  Virgin girl needs the permission of her father or paternal grand father for
any type of marriage. If permission is not possible because of unreasonable
stand from the father which is away from Islamic teachings, then permission
is not required.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4522  -  Marriage
Salam I am married but not satisfy with my wife as she avoids sex regularly, can I do Mutah with prostitute who is Muslim without having a gap of iddah as she does sex regularly with many men, and please tell me permission is necessary from the wife or not? Thanks
Answer:-  It is not allowed ( according obligatory precaution) to do Mutah with a
women who is known to be a fornicator or a prostitute .
It is very good for you to focus on your wife and try to improve your
relationship with her.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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