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salam a man has done mutha with a christian woman with a term of more then 10 years.After a year in mutha she was pressured to marry another by family.she is in love with the man she did mutha with and claims her vows with the christian man are not valid because she is in mutha with the man she loves. so the question is are the mutha vows still active. does that make her christian marriage void.salaam
Answer:-  If she was in Mutah marriage, no marriage with another person can be valid during the Mutah marriage period. The second marriage is invalid, and she must keep herself away from the second man as he is not her husband. Any sexual relationship with the second man is a fornication.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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Assalamualikum. Before putting forward my question I would like to let u know my anxiety condition. I get thoughts that I might harm ahlulbaits dignity nauzubillah or commit any disrespect or would have unconciously.does that voids my nikah and makes me a non-Muslim?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Such bad thoughts do not invalidate your Nikah nor affect your status as a
Muslim. Bad thoughts are from shaitan to disturb people. Bad people follow
it whole good people struggle against it knowing that it is bad.
Repeat Estigfaar and Salawaat as many times as you can to be protected from
Satanic evil.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Hello I need someone to read nikah for an english revert to shia islam and with a muslim shia man. Is there anyone who i can contact to do this through the phone? Thank you
Answer:-  Where are you? ( City and country)

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Assalam alaykom. If a man hides that he has already a wife at the moment of marriage with another woman, is this marriage still valid or void?
Answer:-  Marriage is valid unless there was a clear condition from the woman that
she agrees to may him provided he must not be having another wife.
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Hi I would like to ask a question about marriage I’m in love with a girl who is catholic My parents are against our marriage As she is not a Muslim and doesn’t want to share a house with my parents she wants us to live separately in other house she said my parents can live next to us but not with us My parents wants me to live with them The girl really loves me and I do feel the same for her My parents believe she will make my children’s catholic as well even tho she has promised me that our kids can be Muslim I really love her She has been very helpful and kind to me and my family What should I do?
Answer:-  Muslim man is not allowed to permanently marry non Muslim woman but only
Mutah with only Ahle Kitab.
You need to respect your parents=E2=80=99 wish and live with them.
Love emotions are for a while then it will go away. Don=E2=80=99t ruin your=
life by
disobeying your parents.
She must become a Muslim and you must obey your parents.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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