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Question ID  5133  -  Marriage -  2019-12-26 17:30:01
As Salaamun Ale Kum, A woman from Ahle Sunnah Sect married a man but separated after 2 years, she stayed separated raising their child alone at her parent’s house. The couple after 7-8 years got legally divorced in Dec 2019. In between the period of separation she met a man and had a brief physical relation with him. The woman regrets the physical relation she had with another man during her period of separation; she has now met a Shi’a man now and is willing to enter mu’tah and follow the Sha’riah to be with the Shia Man, the man who is a follower of Agha Ali Sistani. Is iddah to be observed after the legal divorce for the woman, considering there was a physical relation during the separation period?
Answer:-  The legal divorce does not mean necessarily an Islamic Talaq unless the man is a Sunni who takes the legal divorce as an Islamic Talaq.
After Talaq, Iddah is must which is three menstrual periods.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  5090  -  Marriage -  2019-11-13 18:45:01
Aoa Sir few years ago one of my class fellow text me.... Binte... Nikah qabool h. I replied v unconsciously as yes. Just by thinking in this manner will happen. After some time we stop to talk and I totally forget about that. And few yrs later I got married with another person. Now I remember my that mistake please tell me is that mistake have any impact on my marriage and on my relation. Please reply in the light of Quran and hadees
Answer:-  Texting has no value in such matters.

Question ID  5075  -  Marriage -  2019-10-30 18:00:02
salaam,pls is there a dua one need to say before engaging in intimacy with spouse. also i do have dreams of being naked in front of people without shame and without the people around being concerned about me. i do taqleed Ayatullah Sistani.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb.
1. It is recommended to perform Wudhu then to say: Bismillah Arrahman
2. Seek forgiveness from sins which you have forgotten by repeating

> Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5074  -  Marriage -  2019-10-24 18:00:02
Salaam Alaikum Mawlana Musawi We pray you are well inshallah. Question-As a married couple -is it possible for us to use (limited minimum necessary)use of Porn to stimulate our sexlives-without aiming to getting addicted to this method..? Jazzakallah khair for your assistance. May Allah swt reward you for your efforts in resolving many peoples questions.
Answer:-  No, it is not permissible to watch or look at porn at all.
The evil pictures of Porn can not be wiped away from your memory and it
will be a weapon of Shaitan which can be used against you any time.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  5059  -  Marriage -  2019-10-14 12:45:01
Salamun Alaykum Sayedna, If we marry a girl after divorce 3 times and we dont do any intercourse. Is it valid if she want to refer back to her previous husband? Thanks
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
If there was no sexual intercourse, there is No Iddah on her.
They can marry again with new Aqd.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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