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Question ID  4219  -  Marriage
Salam If I penetrate my wife with my finger or with a toy will she have to do ghusl? Salam
Answer:-  No need for Ghusl.

Question ID  4214  -  Marriage
Salaams My brother in law is an English man and has converted to islam. However, he converted from Christianity and lives with my wife and my parents. We do not know and did not ask if he has been circumcised. Their wedding reception is coming up in three weeks time. They have asked me to recite a small khutba of their AQD as we have international guests to inform them about Islamic culture (although they have been married off already)! Is there any problems in the fact that he may or may not be circumcised? regards, Ali Katouzian
Answer:-  There is no problem at all in marriage or reciting AQD whether he is circumcised or not, because circumcision is not a condition in marriage. It is a condition just in Tawaf and in slaughtering an animal to make it Halal.
Mohammad AlMusawi


Question ID  4213  -  Marriage
A girl got married to a boy from another city. When she visits her parents house and stays at home for 2 nights does she pray full Salaah or does this become Qasr?
Answer:-  If she has decided after moving with her husband to another city that she
will never reside in her parents city at all even in the future, then she
is a traveler when she comes for less than ten days to the city of her
parents and her Salah will be Qasr.
If she did not make such decision and still has a possibility to reside at
the city of her parents even in the far future, then her parents city
remains her domicile and she must pray always full in that city where she
lived before marriage as she did not decide to leave the city once forever.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4212  -  Marriage
Salam Syed: I belong to a Syed family, 2 years ago ago my mother chose my wife from a Syed family. We got married 15 months ago in September 2016.I had never seen my wife face to face before marriage, nor ever talked to her, I married her solely on the trust of my mother. Alhamdu Lilah we fell in love with each other and were happy with each other, but my sister became jealous of our happy marriage and tried to destroy our marital life. My mother betrayed us and sided with my sister, they made things so unbearable that my wife had to leave. My question is regarding the Islamic ruling regarding what to do with such a mother who lies to her son, and betrays him, and tries to destroy his marriage. Also I miss my wife and want to get her back, badly. Is there a Dhikr or Dua, or a special recommended act for me to help get back my wife. Jazak Allah.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
1. Such differences between daughter in law and her mother in law or sister in law are happening in many families. You need to try to manage the situation with tolerance and wisdom. Keep the respect and happiness of your mother as your first reference and main aim even if she sides your sister against your wife, but never do injustice on your wife.
2. Keep repeating (YA GHAFOUR YA WADOUD) to get your wife back and live with her happily.
Also recite this verse after every Namaz (RABBANA HAB LANA MIN AZWAAJUNA Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb THURRIYAATINA QURRATA A’YON)
Mohammad AlMusawi

Question ID  4209  -  Marriage
Salem alkium I was reading Question ID 4203. What about if a person comitted sodomy with a man and repented can he still marry a pious woman? wa salam
Answer:-  Yes he is allowed to marry a pious woman. He needs to sincerely repent, decide not do it again and seek forgiveness.


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