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Salams Can anybody take objection if anyone wants to recite nikah in masjid? Do we have to take permission for that from management? Kindly provide me some references that it is mustahaba to receite nikah in masjid. Thanks Iltemas dua.

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Can anybody take objection if anyone wants to recite nikah in masjid? Do we have to take permission for that from management?
Kindly provide me some references that it is mustahaba to receite nikah in masjid.
Iltemas dua.

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salaamun alaikum sir we are shia asna ashri. my daughter is a university student. there is a colleague of her who is sunni and who came to me asking her hand. while i told him about the difference in our sect , he asked me that he wanted to know about the true islamic beliefs and this moharram he joined me in majalis throuhout the first ashra. i find him as a reasonable guy who is in pursuit of the true path and is very respectful for the panjtanpak and imams. what should i do regarding accepting his proposal for my daughter while he is still learning about the true islam of ahle bait AS or wait till he comes to some logical conclusion. thanks
Answer:-  Give him useful books like : Then I was guided by Dr Titanic, Peshawar
Nights by Sultanul Waezeen , The Right Path by Sharafuddin etc. All these
books are available on the Internet.
When he is completely convinced and decides to follow Ahlul Bayt (AS), then
you can consider giving him your daughter for marriage.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3682  -  Marriage
Assalamualaikum I want to get married to a after compliting our higher we want to go on physical relation before getting married would be glad if u grant me the way of Mutah marriage till we get married permanently :) (her father iZz dead) plZz say the process nd what we need :) Thank you AssalamuAlaikum
Answer:-  Marriage in Islam can be permanent and can be time fixed which is called
Mut'ah marriage, which is also called Aqd Mu'aqqat. It has got almost all
the conditions of the permanent marriage but there is no obligation on the
husband to spend on his temporary wife and there is no inheritance between
them. Temporary marriage must have a Dowry (Mahr given to the wife) as well
as a specific time period agreed upon by both parties.
The recitation of Aqd is similar to the recitation of a permanent marriage
Aqd, with the difference being the mentioning of the time period agreed
The Aqd is recited in Arabic starting with the woman telling the man
(Zawwajtukah Nafsi A'la Al Mahr Al Ma'loum Lil Muddatil Ma'louma)
The response of the man ( Qabiltu Al Tazwija Li Nafsi) or (Qabilt)

A virgin girl needs in her marriage the permission or approval of her
father or paternal grandfather.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3681  -  Marriage
AOA I wanted to inquire whether it is permissible for a Syed female to marry a non-Syed male?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed as far as Imaan is there.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3678  -  Marriage
Salaam, I miss Naushaba Dulare Sayyed, age 28 years, from Mumbai India by profession I m a doctor dealing with genetic disorder. My problem is related to my marriage. The problem is like this. Since from last 7 years my parents are finding an appropriate guy for me that they are still not getting any guy some or the other problem happen and the marriage got cancel every time. And every time whenever they saw the istekhara for the marriage it come no. and because of these they are getting disappointed and depressed too. I to go under desperation and felling very low each and every time the boys family come and I feel like insulting myself, my self-respect is now hurting and they disapprove me and my parents also get very disappointed and hurted too. The life is going on very complicated stage. I can’t see my parents like this anymore that’s why I have decided one of the thing that I want a marry a person I know and I also know that person will not annoyed me. I like a person from last 8 years I have said my parents too but the guy was Christian they were not ready and they said me that they will not tolerate the thing that I marry the person and I left the story there but now as the days are passing living at parents’ home is becoming so difficult without marrying any one. I know that person very well and I know that my parents are finding the person like him for me but they are not ready as because of cast and society pressure and I can’t see my parents any more like this I don’t want to run and marry the person how can I solve my problem. We both don’t want to run and marry since it will be not right decision we both want to convince my parent, he is orphan and he now again proposed me for marriage and he is not forcing me to change the cast or any other thing he told you can follow your own cast and there won’t be harm to I from his side, I really want to marry that person as I can see that the person is really a good human being what would I do to explain my parents about these what will be the right way to marry that person I ask my one of my cousin to do istekhara the istekhara for our marriage was also good. How can I explain my parents what is the way of marrying that person. Please help me out it is matter of my life. khuda haffiz
Answer:-  Salamun Alaykum wr wb
I write to you being an educated person and I hope that you'll appreciate
the facts which I will mention.
1. A Muslim female is not allowed to marry a non Muslim under any
circumstances; if the person whom you like to marry is really a good
person, he should have been Muslim by now, after 8 years of knowing you. If
he simply reads basic things about Islam and Quran, he will know that Islam
is a pure message from God to guide all human beings. If he insists on
remaining non Muslim following his parents, it means that he is not fit at
all to marry you. After all, the Islamic Shariat is very clear in this
point, that no marriage at all between Muslim female and non Muslim male.
2. You are living in India where millions of Shia Muslims live so it or not
difficult to find a suitable match for you, especially when you are
educated and working. You or your family need to contact some respected
personalities who can seek out a suitable person for you. Being from Sadat
family, there are thousands of Sadat families in Mumbai; you or your
parents may contact respected Ulema in Mumbai to suggest suitable
3. You wrote that one of your friends made Estikhara for you to marry the
person and it came good. This Estikhara is invalid because the act itself
is not allowed in Islam; it is like someone who seeks Estikhara to drink
alchohol and it comes good, does it have any meaning? Estekhara is valid
when it is regarding an act which is allowed not an act which is Haraam.
If you or your parents need any help in this matter you can contact our
trustees in Najafi House, Mumbai 9.
Mohammed Al-Musawi

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