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Question ID  3182  -  Marriage
as salam maulana, we have a friend who is asunni women. she left her husband without taking talaq and married a hindu in court. no nikah took place between them. she has a child from hindu husband also. my question is that can v being shia have relations with her and can we allow our kids to play with her kids in her house or call her in our house for social gatherings.. my other question is that one of our cousin married without the concent of parents and did nikah after leaving the house secretly.. after taking ijazat from ur site we forgave them, full family had broken relation from them.. but after some time evrything got settled the boy does not earn and look after the familyand the girls parent do all the needful for the two kids after the marriage..most of the time the girl is staying with the parents.. my question is that is it ok to condemn that man and not have cordial relations..can v allow our daughters and son to mix up with that man.he has clearly said that he will not earn and want to enjoy the riches of his inlaws..plz anser ..jazakalllah..
Answer:-  1- The woman who left her husband with out Talaq is still his wife
according to Shariat. Her relationship with another man is unlawful and it
is not a marriage at all. The children from such unlawful relationship are
illegitimate . It is not good for you and your family to keep relationship
with such sinful woman because it can make her feel that she is a good
person and what ever bad she committed is not bad.
2. Do not boycott your relative because he does not work. You May Allah
(SWT) bless you and your family. Guide and try to help him.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3163  -  Marriage
I am a divorced Shia woman and I know a Sunni man who is married already but he wants to be with me. We cannot have a proper marriage due to family issues since we are from different sects. I suggested Mutah to him. Can he do mutah being a Sunni?
Answer:-  Yes he being a Muslim is allowed but you need to be more than careful that
the relationship with him will not weaken your attachment with Ahlul Bayt
(AS) .
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3162  -  Marriage
Answer:-  If you want to have another temporary marriage agreement with the same man,
you do not need IDDAH, but if you want it with another man, then you must
observe IDDAH of two menstrual periods before you can have an agreement of
temporary marriage.
Mohammad Al-Misawi

Question ID  3159  -  Marriage
Can me and my wife talk about dirty things like having sex with other men or women while having sex just for arrousal purpose and with no intention of doing such an act ever ? Please reply this is the third time I am asking and its not for making fun.
Answer:-  No, it is not allowed to talk about sinful things even if you and she do
not intend to commit it.
Mohammad Al-Misawi
Question ID  3156  -  Marriage
I got engaged. It was completely arranged. But we discovered that my dad got some abnormal attachment with me and he did not let me talk to the guy and did many things to spoil this and eventually the engagement broke. Many maulanas said that my Dad has jinn inside him. We did many amaals but my dad has become a psycho patient too. I am already old enough and my mom is really worried for my marriage. Please suggest me some duas and amaals for quick marriage.
Answer:-  Salamun Alaykum wr wb
1. Namaz e Shab every night as much as you can, then Sajda in which you say
7 times ( YA ARHAMARRAHIMEEN) then seek you need.
2. Namaz e Ghufaila after Namaz e Maghrib and seek you need in the Qotoot.
3. Sura Yaseen every morning.
4. Sura Waqia every night.
5. Talking to Imam e Zaman (AS) seeking his Du'a.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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