The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  4177  -  Taharat / Najasat
If women after sex go pee and cleaned the semen and urine from her private part with water and do not do Ghusl. The semen comes out from the private part afterward will be najis. Thanks
Answer:-  Semen is always Najis whenever it comes out.

Question ID  4176  -  Taharat / Najasat
Dear Agha Apologies, as there were some spelling mistakes in my previous post due to auto spell correct. I am sending the question again. SalaamAlaikum Agha, I follow AaqaSistani. I have read almost all posts regarding my question that after cleaning ayne najasat, does floor become Pak if we wipe it twice. My concern is... I was not sure about pouring of water twice when my floor became najis. Hence, I cleaned the floor and wiped it..and then mopped the floor twice. If my floor did not become tahir, it made the mop najis as well and since I used the same mop everywhere else in the house, my entire house became najis and because we take wet feet around the house, our feet become also najis and everything else that came in contact with them. We Pray on the same floor.. I am just afraid all our prayer mats are najis and our prayers invalid. These thoughts are scaring me since I found out about water pouring method. It is very difficult to apply this method now around my whole apartment except kitchen and washroom. Please advice what should I do in this situation. JazakAllah
Answer:-  Items which are Najis for sure are Najis, and you need to make them Taahir.
Items about which you are not sure whether Najis or Taahir, can be
considered as Taahir unless and until you establish concrete evidence that
they are Najis. If you have washed the mob even one time with water, it
became Taahir and you don=E2=80=99t need to worry of making other items Naj=
is by
the mob.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4157  -  Taharat / Najasat
Assalam o alaikum , I touched something with wet hands making my hands najis and then (without my hands drying in between) touched another object. my question is that due to the wetness being the same that made my hands najis, will the objects I touch with my still wet hands be second or first muttanajis.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Question ID  4156  -  Taharat / Najasat
Assalam o alaikum, dear agha , I need to inquire that if something is najis and water is poured on it twice without drying between the washings , is the item pak and is the water that was used pak.
Answer:-  Salam un Alaykum wr wb

Pouring water twice is enough to make any Najis item as Taahir after the
real najasat is removed. No need to dry the item between two pouring. S
Water of second pouring is not Najis.
Question ID  4143  -  Taharat / Najasat
Salam Alakium Thank you really much for your answer on question ID 4133 - Taharat / Najasat. I would like to ask you further on your answer. What do you mean by saying: You may ask him about his faith if you feel it suitable. What is meant by suitable? And I would also like to ask if I know this person is atheist and there is a drying machine, will that drying machine be considered najis if the atheist person puts in the wet clothes with his hands and I use it afterwards? What do I do if thats the case? Wa salam alakium
Answer:-  Asking him about his faith is suitable if there is no possible harm on you when you ask him or after that.
Washing machines of day are linked with tap water, so, Najis clothes become Taahir in them.
Mohammad Al-Musawi


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