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Question ID  4585  -  Taharat / Najasat
salam! Sistani follower I have a question regarding najasat. While changing my 3 year old daughter - i realise her diaper is wet and her thigh area is wet too. SO does the thigh area (skin part) count as first muttanajjas and the pajama the 2nd mutanjjas or diaper first, then thigh second and pajama third. Reason being - the pajama was dry when i took it off but the diaper and thigh area was wet. So will the pajama be counted as clean if it is dry despite the thigh area is wet. I have 3 kids - and the whole issue of najasat is getting too much for me. Please kindly explain a bit in detail about 1st, 2nd and 3rd muttanajas issue so i can have the doubt out of my mind forever.
Answer:-  If the pajama was dry, it is Taahir.

Question ID  4581  -  Taharat / Najasat
I have obsessive compulsive disorder regarding nailpolish and paints. I overthink alot and I doubt alot. My question is that the last time i put nail polish on my feet nails 1.5 years ago then removed it with nail polish remover to do the ghusl but from few months I developed this feeling that the nai polish might have not removed properly or there might be few stains of nail polish left on my toe nails due to which my ghusl will not be accepted. What to do? ignore my doubts or I should buy a nail polish remover and put it on my toe nails??
Answer:-  Ignore such unreasonable doubts which are in fact from Shaitan to disturb
your life and your relation with worshipping Allah (SWT).
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4556  -  Taharat / Najasat
I am confused in ghusl. Like in ghusl when to wash your private parts before starting ghusl or during ghusl ?
Answer:-  During Ghusl.

Question ID  4555  -  Taharat / Najasat
how many times we should pour water on head and neck and each side for any type of ghusto be valid ? three times each side or one time is sufficient ?
Answer:-  One time is compulsory. Three times is recommended.
Question ID  4554  -  Taharat / Najasat
I am suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety for which I am taking medicines. I have developed severe phobia of nail polish that I might catch nail polish on my body while hugging people wearing nail polish from their hands. Then I feel that nail polish will form a coating on my body and my wuzu and ghusl will not be accepted as water will not reach there due to which my namaz and rozay will not be accepted and I will rot in hell. In addition to catching nail polish from peoples hands and toes I have also developed severe anxiety of catching nail polish on my hands from the door handles, kitchen utensils, glassware , clothes which are used by other people wearing nail polish. What do I do. My life has become hell I am unable to go anywhere or do anything as all the time I am trying to hide my hands and hair as I dont carch the nail polish from anywhere. What to do ?I always feel nail polish will transfer from peoples hands and toes on everything and it will transfer to my body due to which it will form coating on my body due to which I will never be clean as water does not reach those parts of body which has nail polish on. What to do? I have no joy in life anymore and I am always worried. I avoid meeting with friends due to this problem as in USA everyone wears nail polish. I have stopped putting nail polish on my hands and toes since 1.5 years due to the fear of not being able to remove it properly and it might remain on my toes and fingers. Uff maulana please help what to do.I know islam is very easy and Allah will not punish us for things which are not in our control.
Answer:-  This situation is a type of Satanic thoughts which is instigated by Satan to drive you away from Allah.
First of you need to know that nail polish does not harm your Wuzu or Ghusl if it is in small amount which does not form a layer on your body. Small parts of it do not form a layer stopping water from reaching.
Further to this fact, your Wuzu and Ghusl is always valid as far as you don’t know for sure that a layer is preventing water from reaching your body.
If you ask yourself: From where these thoughts are coming? The answer is : From Shaitan and never from Allah. You need to give up these thoughts once for all being sure that it is from Shaian to harm your spirit and disturb your life.
Repeat Estighfaar, Salawaat and LA HAWLA WALA QOWWATA ELLA BILLAH as many times as you can.
Seek help from Allah (SWT) to defeat these Satanic thoughts and baseless doubts.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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