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Question ID  2411  -  Taharat / Najasat
What does nightfall mean?
Answer:-  It might mean the start of the night (Maghrib).
Question ID  2410  -  Taharat / Najasat
as salam alay kum,agha, ther one quest if woman get najasat coming out Mani after ,during talking & conversation with her husband, on that time Gusl will be wajib,if it will be wajib,then there is mandatory to wash & pull the water from top head to till down body or she can only wash the body from neck to till end body. (Agar aurat aapne shauhar se baat karte waqt ilust feel kare aur mani kharij ho jae to kya uska gusl wajib hai? Agar wajib hai to sar se paon tak pani se bath zaroori hai ya only from Neck to till end body ko he gusl ki neat se dholena kafi hai..?) Plz guide me for my wife Plz guide the right path.
Answer:-  1. The fluid which come out during or after foreplay is not mani but Mazi.
Mazi is not Najis and it does not break Wuzu nor needs Ghusl.
2. If Ghusl becomes obligatory for any valid reason i.e. sexula intercourse
or ejaculation, Ghusl must be performed by making water reach head and neck
then right side of the body then left side of the body.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2409  -  Taharat / Najasat
Salam ou Aleykum. I have a major problem, i am VERY paranoid about tahara and najasa. My brother always plays sports with mushrikeen people, when he comes home because it is a contact sport his body becomes nijes and he has his phone in his hand. He comes and takes a shower but his phone will still be nijes and he will ofcourse hold it again and leaves it on the couch. I understand that if it is dry it doesnt make other dry things nijes. But what happens if water on his hands and he touches his phone? I am parandoid that everything else he touches will also become nijes and i am always going around cleaning after him. I dont like touching the remotes and even door handles after him anymore. To be honest its driving me crazy and take to much out of my time. Please i really need help with this matter. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank u
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BYou can not claim that your brother's hands, mobile or body is Naj=
is=E2=80=8B just
because he plays with Mushriks. Playing does not mean definite transfer of
Najasah unless and until you see your self.
Every thing touched by your brother is Taahir because he is a Muslim even
if his body was Najis before.
Try to be away from paranoid and unnecessary doubts.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2390  -  Taharat / Najasat
Salam, If you are in the state of janabat when you wake up for Fajr, is it obligatory upon you to perform ghusl that instant? Does the ruling change depending on how close it is to sunrise? Thanks
Answer:-  It is obligatory to pray Fajr Namaz within its time, and for praying Namaz,
you must perform Ghusl Janabat within the time which makes you able to
perform the obligatory Namaz.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2384  -  Taharat / Najasat
Does Syed al Khoei consider Mushriks body Najis based on Ethiyat e Wajib or Ethiyat E Mustahab or as clear decisive ruling
Answer:-  Mushrik is Najis according to Quranic verse ( إنما المشركون نجس) ) ( The
Mushriks are Najas).
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