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Asalaamualiakum...sir what is wet dream....and how we got surity that we had a wet dream
Answer:-  Wet dream is called in Fiqh (Ehtilaam) which means ejaculation or discharging semen during sleep unintentionally whether it happened during a dream or not. The person who discharges semen becomes in the state of Janabah (janabat) which means he or she must perform Ghusl of Janabah to be able to to perform Prayers.
Wet dream can happen to both males and females. Wet dream can be confirmed by checking the underwear and seeing any discharge.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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Agar kisi ka kaam humarey zariye hojaye..magr kisi aur sey..agr wo insaan 300 leta ho us kaam ka...lakin hum ussey 400 ly...100khud ko pkdy...aur 300 us insaan ko dy isny ye kaam kiya hai...kyu ki ye kaam humarey zarye hua hai....toe kya wo 100 rupye hum p halaa hai ya haraam
Answer:-  If you have an agreement with the employer to get the job done for 400,
then you got it done for 300, then you are entitled as a contractor to take
the 400 which was agreed.
But if you were been told by the employer to bring some one to do the job
and you acted on behalf of the employer who wanted the work to be done,
then same amount of the job should go to the worker and not for you because
you were on behalf of the employer.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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Sir hum india mea rehty hai kya bank ka interest hum p haram hai....agr hum non muslim country sey belong kerty hai
Answer:-  The interest which is given by non Muslims is allowed to be taken by
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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I have 2 questions, 1. Is it permissible to participate in funeral of a habitual wine drinker? 2. While in ahram for umra I did not use perfume but While passing through bazaar area there was lot of perfume smell. Is it okay or not?
Answer:-  1. It is permissible to participate in a funeral of any Muslim even if he
is habitual of committing major sins unless the participation causes or
means supporting him or approving his bad behaviour.
2. During the state of Ehraam, if you pass through perfume shop or anyone
who has perfume, you need to hold your breath and walk quickly to avoid
smelling the perfume. If you smell the perfume without intention, your Umra
or Hajj are ok.
3. There is no KaffReplied perfume except for those who eat food containing

> Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Is playing pool or billiards haram?
Answer:-  Not Haraam as far as there is no gambling and it does not waste lot of time.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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