Take account of your selves before you are held to account, and evaluate them before you are held for evaluation, and prepare yourselves for the Greatest Exposure

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Assalam Alaykum Maulana Sahab My name is Abbas Our community here in Singapore heard your majalis and lectures online and are very inspired by it. Our community here would be honoured if you will be able to enlighten us by reciting majalis here from 1st-10th Muharram this year if possible. We look forward to your response. Wassalam, Abbas Kazmi +6584099903
Answer:-  Salamun Alaykum wr wb
Thank you for the invitation.
I am already committed in that period, but I can try to find a suitable
speaker for your centre. You may call WABIL office 00442084598475.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Academicallly speaking what were the reasons Ayatollah Khoi rahmatullah alay was opposed to velayat faqih?
Answer:-  He did not oppose it but had his opinion about the limits of it.
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Aoa Kya roza rakh k tooth brush kar sakte hein?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to brush tooth during fasting provided nothing goes
inside the stomach.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Is plucking of eye brows permissible in Islam or not
Answer:-  It is permissible.
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Is smoking lawful or not?
Answer:-  Smoking harms the health very badly and it is not allowed to cause damage
to your health.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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