The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Salam. Would it be correct to say that "Allah is the Creator of all knowledge"??. What is the main difference between the knowledge of Allah and the knowledge of the Infallibles.
Answer:-  Allah is the Creator of every thing ( Zumar 62)
Knowledge of Allah is Absolute without any source but Him, while knowledge
of Infallibles is from Allah ( SWT).
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Is it mustahab for women to perform cupping (hijama)? Or do monthly periods flush out the bad blood of the woman? Salam
Answer:-  Hijama is Mustahab (Recommended ) and very good for health for both men and
Mohammad Al- Musawi

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Salam I would like to ask about haram and halal money. My parents recently gave me some money as a gift. They receive pension from the state as they say they are sick. However they are not really sick as they pretend to be so. They say that it is hard for them to find job anyway in Europe and therefore legitimate their action in this way. Is the money they gave me halal? What about when I am at their home, is the food I eat halal? And when I do wuzu and pray at their home? Is my wuzu and salat accepted? I understand that it is hard for them to find jobs due to low education and bad language but if all people did like my parents it would be a big problem for society. If they money is haram should I then give them back to my parents or what do I do? Should I not eat at their house anymore or make wuzu and pray there? One of my parents work beside his pension and make money by working in a restaurant. At that place he makes pizza (also with pork). is his income halal or haram from that place considered that it is 1) illegal to work beside his pension and 2) working with pork. If you can answer me privately because it is little private please.
Answer:-  If you are not sure that the money which they gave you or spend on food etc is Haraam money, you can take it is Halaal money.
It is Haraam to work in pork, and money earned from pork is non Halal.
Mohammad Al-usawi

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Is it allowed to visit or pray in a mosque built by a nasibi or hater of Ahlulbayt? Like amr ibn al as mosque in Egypt?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed.
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Salam agha I have alhumdulillah 2 daughters. 1st is from ivf and second normal because i have pcos where no eggs are been formed but now i want 3rd one and tried pre ivf medications but no results and because ivf is very costly we cannot go for that plz suggest me dua which help me in making eggs and than conceive too. I m dying for 3rd like anything. Iltemas dua.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Repeating Estigfaar as many times as you can, is very useful, especially
during Sojood and night time.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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