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Academicallly speaking what were the reasons Ayatollah Khoi rahmatullah alay was opposed to velayat faqih?
Answer:-  He did not oppose it but had his opinion about the limits of it.
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Aoa Kya roza rakh k tooth brush kar sakte hein?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to brush tooth during fasting provided nothing goes
inside the stomach.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Is plucking of eye brows permissible in Islam or not
Answer:-  It is permissible.
Question ID  3362  -  Miscellaneous
Is smoking lawful or not?
Answer:-  Smoking harms the health very badly and it is not allowed to cause damage
to your health.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Salaamun alaykum syedna, is it permissible to work as a delivery driver at a restruant who also serves pork as we have to deliver that as per customer request. Jazakumullah khair
Answer:-  It is not allowed to deliver or serve unlawful items like pork.
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