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Aoa. Is playing cards (taash) allowed in islam?
Answer:-  Playing cards is not allowed because it is usually used in gambling, so, even if you do not gamble, it is not allowed to play cards
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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hijab me face to chupana ye kya quran aur hadis se milta hai? Aur jo ale Muhammad sallahu aliyhi wasalam ki bibiya face chupati thi?
Answer:-  You need to follow the Fatwa of your Marjaa of Taqleed. Usually the Fatwa is that covering the face of the female is not obligatory unless uncovering it can cause sinful though or sinful act.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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Salam Question- dadi ka naam fatema hai to poti ka naa bhi fatema rakh sakte hai ? Iltemas dua.
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed.
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Salam dadi poti ka naam same. Dadi ka naam fatema hai. Itemas dua.
Answer:-  What is the question please?

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Salam agha Hum arabic padh sakte hai But samj nhi sakte to kya hum dua e tarjuma apne language me padhe to uske vohi asraat rahenge jo arabic k hai? Because concentration, feelings apni language me hi lasajte hai, aur time itna bhi nhi ke dono padh sake. Iltemas dua
Answer:-  Yes, you can read the translation of the Dua in your own language.
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Mohammad Al-Musawi
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