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Question ID  840  -  Food & Drinks
asslam o alaikum, If a Hindu gives us water-melon after cutting, can we eat it and if he gives us vegetable cooked by him in his utensils, can we eat it?
Answer:-  If the food including vegetables and fruits, was touched by a Mushrik with
wet hand or the food was wet, then it is Najis and we are not allowed to
eat any Najis food.

Question ID  826  -  Food & Drinks
Salamun alaikum. Are these fishes halaal? 1. Mackerel, 2. Rawas, 3. Surmai. Regards.
Answer:-  Every fish which has scales on it is Halal provided it does not die in the
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  796  -  Food & Drinks
Assalaamalaikum, How long should a person avoid drinking milk after having fish?
Answer:-  Till the next meal when he is hungry. It is a medical matter and not
religious so you may ask doctors as well.

Question ID  770  -  Food & Drinks
Asslam-oAlaikum, Quran says, one who does "SHIRK" he is "NAJAS". Chiristians do "SHIRK". So every Najas is Haram. Can we eat the food made by them which is wet. please clear my point. God Bless You.
Answer:-  Most of our Ulama say that every non Muslim including Ahle Kitab, are not
Taahir, but you must follow your Marja' of Taqleed. Ayatullah Sistani says
that Ahl e Kitab are not Najis, although it is recommended precaution to
take them as Najis.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  769  -  Food & Drinks
Asslam-o-Alikum, If a christian touches food with wet hand ,can we eat it. Can we eat wet food (gravy)with him in the same plate. can we drink the water in the same glass?
Answer:-  It depends on your Taqleed, so, if you do Taqleed of Ayatullah Sistani, he
says the Christians are not Najis, although he recommends avoiding them as
a recommended precaution. Most of our Ulama say that Ahl e Kitab are not
Taahir so you must avoid eating any food which was touched by them with
Mohammad al-Musawi
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