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Question ID  511  -  Food & Drinks
Salaamun alaykum, I wanted know what the opinion of islam is with regards to turning vegetarian and not having any meat. I seem to remember coming across a hadith that says we have to eat meat once in 40 days but i could be mistaken. Also, if it is not permitted to become vegetarian, would eating eggs only and avoiding meat be allowed? Thanks
Answer:-  Our Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) who was the most merciful human being, did eat
meat. It is bad to leave his way of life and follow others. It is Makrooh
to leave eating mean for forty days and it leaves bad effect on the mental
and physical health.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  492  -  Food & Drinks
Asalamualaykm can we buy fish from china wich has been grown in a farm? also if you are aware that your family do not care about ingredients of food can we still eat from them or do we have to follow up everything they make wasalam
Answer:-  We are allowed to eat any fish from any country with just two conditions: it must have scales on it and it should not die in the water.
We are not allowed to eat Najis or non Halal foods no matter whether at home or any where else.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  416  -  Food & Drinks
i have many hindu friends and they occasionally invite me for dinner and lunch. How should i refuse them as it is not allowed to eat from non muslims house?
Answer:-  We Muslims are not allowed to eat Najis food. If the food which was touched
with wetness by a non Muslim (specifically a polytheist who worships other
with God) . If the food offered to you by non Muslim was not touched with
wetness by them at all like any food which is prepared usually with out
being touched with wetness, then it is allowed to eat it because it is not
Najis, but if it was been touched with wetness by them, then it became
Najis, and there is no way to eat Najis food whether offered by a Muslim or
non Muslim.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  391  -  Food & Drinks
Salam alakum sayed. Can you clarify whether a person preparing your food and touches it, with you being in a country that is majority Buddhist, would that make your food najis? Thank you WSA
Answer:-  It depends on the faith of the person who touched the food. If he was a Mushrik or Kafir, then the food is Najis and it is forbidden to eat or drink Najis food or drinks.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  381  -  Food & Drinks
Salam alakum sayed, I have a question regarding a medication called peritone which is used for hayfever and allergies. It's states it has 6% ethanol alcohol. Can I use this for me as it is medication? If not, what can I do if there is no alternative? Thank you WSA
Answer:-  If the medicine contains alcohol, it will be forbidden to consume it, and
you must look for an alternative with out alcohol. Even if you do not find
an alternative , the precaution is to avoid such medicine containing
alcohol., as the narration says : Allah has never put any cure in any
Haraam item.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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