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Salamun Alaikum. Are flightless birds like EMU are halal or haram to eat, as per Aqa Sistani?
Answer:-  It is not the matter of fighting or not fighting bird, but the way of
flying of the bird . Every bird which moves its wings continuously
while flying is allowed to eat, and every bird which does not move it's
wings continuously while flying is not allowed to eat.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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Assalam O aalikum, I am going to visit USA for training, and stay in hotel, they are giving break fast, should i eat and drink tea and water in that hotel served by them ? secondly what about water, juice, biscuits, choclets and candies bought from other non muslim stores, are they halal for me ? should i bye veg item from non muslim restaurants ? Please give me complete answere regards Mazhar Ali
Answer:-  Veg food which you do not know that it is Najis , is Taahir for you. It is
always better to have precaution to keep yourself on the safe side. Try to
avoid doubtful food.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim, Assalam Alaykum, Please note that if a person travelling in a flight in which most of the staff is Non Muslim (not Ahle Kitaab) and they serve the food which is packed by themselves in that case whether we are allowed to eat the food and if the starting point of the flight is a Muslim country in that case one can eat the food and presently there is an option while booking the flight to choose Muslim food which is normally a Non Veg food. Please inform one can have food in such flights belongs to non Ahle Kitab. Shukran Jazak Allah iltemase dua
Answer:-  It is not allowed in Islam to eat Njais food or drink Najis drink. Food
touched with wetness by non Ahle Kitab non Muslim, is Najis, whether it is
been served packed or not. Packed food which was never touched with wetness
by them can be taken as Taahir. If there is a reasonable possibility that
it was not touched with wetness by them while preparing or packing, can be
considered as not Najis.
What many airlines today serve as Muslim meal which contains meat is not
necessarily Halal. It must be really Halal, otherwise, there are many so
called Muslim countries where lot of non Halal meat is been sold and served
in their restaurants, hotels , airlines etc . If you are not sure that the
meat is really Halal, you must avoid eating it.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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Which are the products that allocates a part of its income to Israel?
Answer:-  There are many companies who do that. You may search the internet and
specialized websites.

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SA Is strepsils and heinz ketchup halal
Answer:-  As far as you do not know that it contains any unlawful ingredient, it is
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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