The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  5816  -  Business Investment -  2022-12-29 23:00:02
Assalamualaikum Agha Can I do credit card and loan sanction business of a non muslim bank? Actually they want to outsource this business and told me to do that.
Answer:-  It is not allowed for Muslims to deal with usury (RIBA). If this business
involves usury, you must avoid it.
Question ID  5794  -  Business Investment -  2022-12-01 15:30:02
is it permissible to invest in Crypto currencies and doing trade. I am in taqlid of Ayatullah Sistani sb but he has no verdict on it till now. as other senior Ayatullah also forbidden / haram to invest in crypto. as i have seen you have permitted for crypto while i am living in Pakistan. pls let me know if it is permitted than clarify it how so that i can invest in crypto. thanks.
Answer:-  You can refer to my answer on this matter. Nothing has changed on it.
Question ID  5693  -  Business Investment -  2022-05-08 02:00:02
My house is on mortgage I would like to remortgage this house so that I can let it out for an income Buy another house on Mortgage to live Is it allowed to have 2 Mortgages?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to have any number of mortgages as far as you take the
money from non Muslim bank and use it is in a lawful way.

Question ID  5687  -  Business Investment -  2022-05-02 05:00:01
Salaam I live in the UK, so I find it difficult to avoid tax and interest in bank accounts. They give us interest for having a back account with them, although it is only usually a small amount, what is the best thing to do with this interest? Also, if a bank or building society gives you a welcome bonus or switching to one of their accounts if this welcome bonus as a new customer Halal? Wasalaam
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
1. Interest received from banks or building society with out your demand or
condition is permissible to utilise or give it in charity.
2. Welcome bonus is allowed to receive and utilise just like any gift.

Question ID  5675  -  Business Investment -  2022-04-23 22:30:02
Assalamualaykum, Please could you clarify if it is permissible to trade in stocks/currencies/crypto currencies using margin. For example, putting in some capital from my own money and borrowing via the exchange to increase my position size. This is a popular method in Foreign currency trading. There will be interest charged on the borrowed amount. I have been investing in Cryptocurrencies and was considering using leverage in my trades. Jazak Allah
Answer:-  Some Ulama say it is allowed while other Ulama don't have a verdict on such
dealings because it is not clear yet for them.

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