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Question ID  3741  -  Business Investment -  2017-02-28 21:45:01
assalam o alikum im folower of aqa syed Ali sistani my question is can i buy and sell banks shares whereas banking system is interest base system can i buy banks share or not
Answer:-  It is not allowed to buy or invest in shares of any company which deals with Haraam business, including banks dealing with Riba (usury).
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3638  -  Business Investment -  2016-12-20 19:15:02
Salam alaikum, Is it permitted for muslin to rear pig for commercial purposes. No intention of eating it whatsoever. Salawat
Answer:-  It is not allowed for a Muslim to be involved in any business related to

Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3213  -  Business Investment -  2016-03-16 22:15:02
can any unknown person like me can get loan without interest
Answer:-  The question is not clear, as from whom you want to take the free interest
Question ID  3205  -  Business Investment -  2016-03-10 18:45:01
Asslama alaikum Inaurance policy Fixed money Minor account Ye sab halal hai?
Answer:-  Yes allowed.

Question ID  3199  -  Business Investment -  2016-03-09 03:15:02
assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu mujhe mere shohar ke pharma business ke license ke baare mein puchana tha n dua karne bhi kehna tha n one more question what should i do to improve my married life .jazakallah for answering my questions bhai plz help me for how n who will do my istekharaas someone has told me that therewas asarat on me plz help allah hafiz
Answer:-  I roping your married life can be achieved by many acts like:
1. Using best words while talking to your husband and avoiding any word or
act which might make him unhappy.
2. Wearing nice cloth in front of your husband.
3. Wearing the perfume which your husband likes when you are with him.
4. Doing what he likes you to do.
5. Making him happy in every possible way that you can.
Prayers are very useful in getting every wish.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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