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Question ID  805  -  Business Investment -  2013-10-18 08:30:02
Salam Alaikum, I have a 4 year old son. I want him to join a Professional Sports Academy in his early childhood and make him a Cricket Player. But I have seen Muslim players Playing for thier countries / Teams even in the month of Ramazan and Moharram. May be it is because they are bound as per their terms of agreement or the insecurity that if they miss the opportunity someone will take their place and in sports there is very tough competition and a substitute can become permanent if he does very good and keep you out of selectors mind forever. Please help me what can one do in this situation so that he can fulfil his aspirations without his Islam being effected.
Answer:-  It is good to train your son to be fit, but you should not force him to
work in any particular line unless he himself wants that.
Any job which make the Muslim away from his religious obligations must not
be taken.
Question ID  793  -  Business Investment -  2013-10-11 03:30:02
salaam u alaykum, is a person allowed to rent out a conference hall or wedding hall to non muslim who will drink alcohol and have haraam food, they are just paying for the renting the building and tables and chairs, i will not be touching or serving the food or alcohol.
Answer:-  Your place should not be used in committing sins when you are sure that
they will commit sins.
Some Ulama might say that it is not your responsibility , but I advise you
to avoid facilitating sinning. Even the income from renting your place to
such function, might be harmful because of their sins for which they paid
the money"
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  792  -  Business Investment -  2013-10-11 03:30:02
salaam u alaykum, is it allowed to work in a restaurant which serves alcohol, but i will be working in kitchen cleaning dishes or cooking, all food is halal there but the waiters also give alcohol on tables ?
Answer:-  You must avoid any work related to alcohol, even cleaning thebglasses of
alcohol or preparing the tables which will be used for drinking alcohol or
amy other related work.
If your work does not have any involvement with alcohol, then you are
allowed to work.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  777  -  Business Investment -  2013-09-29 00:00:01
Salam. Can a muslim sell's cigarette to a non-muslim? Sukran..
Answer:-  It is allowed.
Question ID  732  -  Business Investment -  2013-09-07 06:30:01
Salam, I do taqlid of Sayyid Sistani and I need advise regarding the following: I have joined a company who have a Pension Plan, however after delving further into the way this Pension Plan is operated I have found that the money contributed to the plan is invested in the FTSE 100 (100 top companies in the UK), of which two are alcohol and one tobacco company. During this pension plan each month the money can be invested in any company from the FTSE 100 (minus comapanies that deal with arms). My question is would it be permissible for me to join such a pension plan? Thankyou for your help in advance.
Answer:-  If you know that any amount of your money might be invested in any company dealing with forbidden business like alcohol, Un Islamic banking, etc, it becomes forbidden for you to invest any amount in such plan.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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