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Question ID  629  -  Marriage -  2013-07-26 09:30:01
asalam o alaikum qibla I want to know can I mutta with a girl who becom shia asna ashri. Her parents dos not know that she is virigion can we do mutta with out her father permision if we dont intercource. Plz tell me
Answer:-  If she is a virgin, her father's permission is necessary for any type of mar=

Question ID  610  -  Marriage -  2013-07-22 21:00:01
salaam u alaikum, is there anything in Islam that says men are not allowed to marry older women, or its not recommended to, someone told me that it causes the man to age quicker ..
Answer:-  It is allowed in Islam to marry a woman who is elder than you if both of
you agree to the marriage and think that you both will implement the
Islamic rules.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  536  -  Marriage -  2013-07-09 18:15:02
Salam, is it wajib for a girl(Sunni) who wants to do mutah but her father won't allow to do so? And if she is a virgin? M too confused because i heard some where, its not wajib it is just recommended act, in the case where girl is sane and independent to make her decisions? Plz let me know
Answer:-  Father's permission is must in his virgin daughter's marriage, unless he
refuses the marriage for invalid reasons, and she needs to marry to save
herself from sin. In such cases of Mut'a marriage, no sexual intercourse
should be iallowed.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  535  -  Marriage -  2013-07-09 18:30:01
Assalam-o-alaikum i m too much worrid and need ur guidance as i follow Janab Ali Sestani..i m badly in need of reply as my health getting down due to thinking about my issues as follows 1: i was university student and virgin syeda shia girl totally financialy dependent upon my parents and mentally prepare to do arrange marriege but my class fellow insisted me to do friendship and finally he succeeded and at last to avoid sin he did muttah with me in which we properly recite seegha in arabic by selecting limit ( until i get marry to another man of my family choice ).i did not even inform my parents beacuse i knew that there are other syed man propsals every time ready for me and i know that my father will never ever be satisfied for my muttah with non-syed boy.after reamaining our muttah about 3 years i get engaged with a syed boy to whome me and my family was satisfied.i asked my muttah husband to shortened muttah limit to 1 month only as my matrimonial ceremony was decided after 6 me and my muttah husband set time limit 1 month and read and write seegha in urdu but even dont mention time limit in reading and writing statement as he said that he will get sign this written marriage paper ( manually by hand ) by his two friends as witness so i dont mention muttah limit as witness dont believe in muttah but absolutely that muttah time was set in our mind and out intention was 1 month muttah period,well after 1 month we seperated and the whole story my parents were totally unaware of my muttah with my class fellow,after 6 months i married to my fiancee and now i have 2 kids....sir i m worried from 2 aspects 1: was my both muttahs were invalid so did i need Astaghfar as i did muttah without even letting know my father? and secondly i m worrid that as i did not recite muttah seegha while mentioning muttah limit but keeping time limit 1 month in mind so i m confused that whether that second one muttah was permanent nikah ? if it is so means that i m in haraam relation with my permanent nikah second husband and growing up illegal childs? sometimes when i think so i behave so rude with my husband and brutely hit my kids by thinking that they are illegal ? plz plz solove my issue as i cant sleep whole nite............
Answer:-  Your kids are not illegal.

Question ID  534  -  Marriage -  2013-06-16 07:30:02
Salam, Aaga can i do mutah with a non-virgin Sunni girl without her father\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s permission? Can i do mutah with a virgin ahle kitab without her father\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s permission? And last question can I use condoms during intercourse to avoid pregnancy? (i follow Aaga sistaani)
Answer:-  Q1. can i do mutah with a non-virgin Sunni girl without her father's permission?
A1. Non virgin is allowed to marry and she does not need permission of her father.

Q2. Can i do mutah with a virgin ahle Kitab with out her father's permission?
A2. Father's permission is must in the marriage of a virgin.

Q3. can I use condoms during intercourse to avoid pregnancy?
A3. Yes it is allowed.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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