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Question ID  331  -  Marriage -  2013-02-17 02:00:01
If a woman who is no longer having her periods and has mutta relationship for a period...then after completion of the metta period does she need to observe an iddah period before entering into another mutta period ? Thank you Mawlana Musawi may allah swt give you you tawfiq and fulfils your hajaats as you are provising a valuable service.Ameen Abdul
Answer:-  If she has no menstrual period at all, then there is no IDDAH on her.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  249  -  Marriage -  2012-12-22 20:45:02
Is a woman allowed to marry a man who occasionally doesnt pray on time and prays after prayer time has passed? And what if this man is not open for advice, and any talk about praying on time irritates him? Are the rulings different for a woman who has reached the desperate age?
Answer:-  Woman should chose a person of Faith and good morals for marriage. If the
husband is not fulfilling his religious obligatory, the woman should advise
him politely, but if he refuses the advice, the woman is not responsible
about the sins of her husband. Wassalam. Mohammad al-Musawi
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