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Question ID  4256  -  Taqleed -  2018-03-16 22:00:01
Salaam alekum, I need to know the procedure how to change into ayatollah Sistani taqleed. Do we have to recite anything or do niyat in order to go into his Taqleed please explain Thank,
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Nothing is to be recited.
Just act upon the Fatwa of the most learned Marja’ of Taqleed.

Question ID  4255  -  Taqleed -  2018-03-12 04:15:01
Salaam alekum, We are currently in taqleed of ayatollah Bashher najafi however due to more latest information availability want to change to ayatollah Sistani. Kindly tell us if we can do that and how like just do niyat and change ? Thanks,
Answer:-  You can refer to your local Aalims to guide and explain to you the Islamic
rules on Taqleed.

Question ID  4254  -  Taqleed -  2018-03-12 04:30:01
Salaam alekum, I need to know if o want to change taqleed to another Marija what I am suppose to do just do Niiyat and change? Please advise Thanks,
Answer:-  Taqleed of the A'lam ( most learned) is to be done. It needs acting upon
his verdicts.
Question ID  3970  -  Taqleed -  2018-01-28 11:00:01
Salamun alaykum, please explain tabeed where you follow a marja in each of their expertise field. You follow one for science, one for economics etc. Is this valid?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam Wr Wb

You are responsible to follow the verdicts of the most learned Aalim (The
A'lam) . In case you have authentic evidence that Mr. A is the most learned
is one field of Fiqh , and Mr. B is the most learned in another field of
Fiqh then Tab'eedh is allowed which means you follow the most learned in
every field of fiqh.


Mohammad Musawi
Question ID  3862  -  Taqleed -  2018-02-12 21:15:01
1. Is it possible to follow different rulings from different mujtahids. For example, if you pick a ruling from one Ayatullah regarding Salaah and another ruling regarding fasting from another ayatollah? 2. If an Ayatoullah has passed away whom you used to follow do you have to change and follow one that is alive?
Answer:-  It is compulsory on you to follow the most learned living Marja of Taqleed.
You are not allowed to pick and choose whomever you like but only the most learned Marja.
If the living most learned Marja allows you to remain on Taqleed of the deceased Marja, you can d so.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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