Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, 'Generosity is one of the noble traits possessed by prophets. It is the pillar of belief, such that only a true believer will be generous, as well as one who possesses great certainty and high aspiration, for generosity is a gleam from the light of certainty, and the one who knows what he wants finds it easy to give away.

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Question ID  584  -  Taqleed -  2013-07-12 23:30:01
Salaamalaykum, may Allah (SWT) Bless you and your family and keep you always with Him and His most beloved representatives the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his Ahlulbayt (as). I have been following Ayatollah Sistani because my parents follow him and I trust my parents judgement in this matter and I find Ayatollah Sistani's verdicts logically in line with authentic Islam of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his Ahlulbayt (as). Is this a permissible reason to follow a particular Marja or do I need to independently research the different Maraja and decide which to follow and pay my Khums to? If the second is the case can you advise where I can get accurate information on all the Maraja of Taqleed to make a decision? Regards and Duas.
Answer:-  Taqleed ( which is acting upon the verdicts) must be done to the most learned scholar who is known through at least two witnesses from the highly learned scholars (Ahul Khubra) or through general opinion of the Shia scholars. Your parents have reflected the general opinion of majority of the scholars in many Hawzas, and you are allowed to rely on the same evidence in your Taqleed..
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  323  -  Taqleed -  2013-02-09 14:15:01
assalamwalekum sir, now a days many shias had died by the terrorist around the world, so in this matter what is the opinion of our ayatullah, being shia what should we do in this situation ?
Answer:-  Our responsibility in countering terrorist attacks is to spread awareness
against terrorism and emphasize on the harmony among Muslims and peaceful
co-existence among all human beings. No doubt, we must demand from every
government to take actions against terrorists. We are also responsible as a
community to support the families of the victims in every possible way.
Mohammad al-Musawi
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