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Question ID  2437  -  Taqleed -  2015-04-18 08:45:02
Someone told me that if you believe in the concept of wali e faqih you cannot do taqleed of Ayatollah Sistani since he does not believe in the concept of wali e faqih is this true
Answer:-  What he told you is wrong.
Question ID  2401  -  Taqleed -  2015-03-29 11:45:01
Salaamun alaikum It is necessary to recite seega e wakf for creating wakf of any property or only to perform Niyat is essential or it is necessary to be have the declaration in writing Wasallam it Mohammed
Answer:-  Waqf does not need Seegha or declaration but just Niyyat and using it in
the proposed matter is enough. It does not need to be in writing as well.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2379  -  Taqleed -  2015-03-21 12:30:02
I am in the taqleed of ayatolla sistani. I am trying to send the question to ayatolla sistani but its not getting sent. So please give me all the websites and email ids where i could contact ayatolla sistani
Question ID  2367  -  Taqleed -  2015-03-15 19:30:01
When we ask an ahle kibra about who is the alam they all give different names about the alam in this case what should a person do?
Answer:-  Real Ahl e Khibra should be referred to and not any Molvi.
Two highly calibered Ahl e Khibra are enough to give witness.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  2355  -  Taqleed -  2015-03-15 19:00:01
How does a mujtahid get ijtehad ? Please explain the process?
Answer:-  Ejtihaad is an scientific ability which happens in some very highly learned
scholars who have enough knowledge to make them able to deduct the Islamic
rule from the main evidences (Quran, Sunnah, Aql and Ejmaa').
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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