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Question ID  2907  -  Medical Issues -  2015-11-01 02:15:01
salaam walekum ,most of shias are suffering from cancer these days .Please send us remedy for it as soon as possible.
Answer:-  وإذا مرِضتُ فهو يَشفين
Question ID  2799  -  Medical Issues -  2015-09-02 20:15:01
Salam alaikum. I am a 21 year old girl and i have been suffering from MIGRAINE since 5 years. It troubles me a lot and i want a cure for it please help. Khuda hafiz
Answer:-  There are many verses in Quran which can help but mainly reciting Sura Al
Hamd putting your hand on your head where ever is the pain, and also Ayatul
It is very useful to pray two Rak'at of Salaat then prostrate and say
during Sojood ( SHOKRAN LILLAH) 40 times, then raise your head from Sojood
and wipe over the place of Sojood then wipe over your head and face.
You can repeat this after your prayers.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2739  -  Medical Issues -  2015-08-07 09:45:01
Salamun Alaikum .......I have just asked Question at this website with Question ID 2738..Actually I mean side effects on Foetus not abortion. What is the ruling If drug only causes some side effect on foetus if given to pregnant mother? What is the ruling if drug may cause serious side effects but that occurs less frequently?
Answer:-  It is not allowed to give any medicine which can be harmful to the pregnant
or her embryo.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2738  -  Medical Issues -  2015-08-07 02:45:01
Salamun Alaikum ........Some medical drugs have high risk(not always) of Foetus damage when prescribed to pregnant women. Can a Shia Doctor can prescribe such drugs to his pregnant patient as it is not always damaging?
Answer:-  No, it is not allowed to take such risk which can cause killing a human
embryo, even if the possibility is small. Doctor should give the pregnant
and all patients the safe medicines only.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2663  -  Medical Issues -  2015-07-08 15:45:01
in the USA several vaccines are from by culturing the virus in cells from babies that were the result of abortion.Is this halal vaccines for Muslims>
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to use such vaccine because it might be from babies of
miscarriage. Using such vaccine should not mean encouraging abortion at all.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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