Imam Ali (AS) said, 'Generosity is a means of nearness [to Allah].

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Question ID  5070  -  Miscellaneous -  2019-10-19 07:45:01
sallam alaykuim, i have heard from ahlis sunnah that faded haircuts are not allowed in islam. is this true? thanks
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb.
It is not forbidden to cut your hair in any way you like provided that it
should not be resembling the special cuts of the enemies of Allah.
Resembling the enemies of Allah is not permissible.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  5048  -  Miscellaneous -  2019-10-09 04:30:02
Assalam u alaykum I have a query regarding money used for ziyarat My relative wants to sponsor me to go to ziyarat. However, I know that he has never paid khums despite owning property and having savings. I am financially capable of paying for all of my own ziyarat expenses. I am certain that saying no to my relative, is likely to cause problems in our relationship. Is there any reason that I should or not accept this sponsorship? I am confused if I should or not take up the offer Thank you
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
You can accept the offer and you are not responsible if he did not pay his
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5043  -  Miscellaneous -  2019-10-07 02:00:02
Salam agha I pray you and your family are in good health Que- I reacived from our Shia people’s that some of the scholars orators are not coming out openly to differentiate between haq and batil in the politics for lebnan pelastine Iran Iraq.... so they are munafiq and supporter of usa Thanks Iltemas dua
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Every Mo=E2=80=99min scholar has responsibility to condemn wrong in the way=
that he
sees suitable and fruitful within the frame of Shariat and wisdom. You can
not expect all of them to express their views and act in the same way.
No one from us is allowed to blame any of our scholars for not doing what
we want him to do, because the Mo=E2=80=99min scholars are aware of their
responsibility as well as their circumstances more than us.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5026  -  Miscellaneous -  2019-09-29 02:15:02
Salaam Dear Molana I need to pay kaffra to feed 60 poor people but I have no access to do so.Pls if I forward about 120£ into the account , would you be able to help me to feed 60 poor people.If so pls provide me with account details and also the amount I should pay to feed good food to people if 120£ is less. Many thanks May Allah bless you with long healthy life.
Answer:-  Al-Rayan Bank
Account Name: WABIL
Account no: 01287201
Sort code: 30-00-83

IBAN: GB98 ARAY 3000 8301 2872 01


Ref: Feeding sixty poor

Question ID  4949  -  Miscellaneous -  2019-09-07 22:30:02
salaamunalikum. I have done mutah for 3 years with shia girl. my question is can we have sex during this period as there is no condition in mutah. I follow ayoutullah sistani.
Answer:-  If she is a virgin, her father or paternal grand father must approve the temporary marriage.
If she is not a virgin then it is allowed if there was no condition from her not to have sexual relationship.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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