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Question ID 328 Wednesday 13th of February 2013


Salams I have been told there are 19 conditions that need be met before a thieves hands can be amputated due to committing a crime. What are these conditions? regards, Ali katouzian


The conditions of cutting the hands of thieves are the sections for the
(thief), and for the (stolen from him), and for the (theft), and for the
(ruling), and for (the witness), and for the (atomsphere), and for (place
of theft ),

1 - the thief is not a child.

2 - not crazy.

3 - not foolish

4 - not forced coercion individually.

5 - and forced coercion by surroundings.

6 - and not forced.

7 - not drunk.

8 - not oblivious.

9 - not forgetting.

10 - not knowing the ruling that did not know that it is haraam.

11 - no matter that does not know that theft, but no doubt being stolen or
thought that he was not stealing.

12 - The robber partner stolen from him.

13 - not a father.

14 - The miscreants did not see this provision which governs the right
binding law:
15 - nor have to take the money from the door clearing and reciprocity.

16 - nor should there be suspicion or allegation of coercion and the like.

17 - must be stealing secret not openly.

18 - and be theft directly by him and not be through the medium.

19 - should not be stolen from him permissible money like war alms etc.

20 - and that money is designated by the quorum in Islam, and above If less
than that amount is not being cut.

21 - and to be in the score.

22 - and that being an end pieces is the legitimate ruler.

23 - and that there be two piuos witnesses, or confession from the thief.

24 - and be an Islamic atmosphere, otherwise it is not being met in a
non-Islamic atmosphere on what alluded to above.

25 - should not be hunger and famine.

26 - that the land should not be that stole the land of the enemy it is not
being met in the land of the enemy.

27 - and that not invoked the thief to campus, but there is no limit on

28 - and there is no pardon from the governor.

29 - and that does not appear the thief money Muslims, Islam after theft -
not to escape, but convinced Islam - Islam must than before.

30 - and that does not repent before reaching the governor because if he
repents not end it.

31 - and that does not necessitate cutting transmission or death, but do
not interrupt.

32 - and leave the money score and Istsahbh him not whether to eat it, for
example, in the same place.

33 - and that does not be entrusted like an employee, otherwise it is no

34 - also does not cut the hand of the person who had mortgage.

35 - nor the tenant.

36 - should not be if thief said : I have stolen from Zaid. Zaid said: did
not steal me something.

37 - and that does not deny the thief stolen after approval, a group of
scholars said that if he denies then no cut.

38 and 39 - and that each one of the thief and stolen from him, finds
stolen property, and the if infidel wine stolen example of a Muslim or
Muslim stole wine from kaafir can not be cut.

40 - should not be third or fourth robbery where no spare time.

41 - and to be a thief hand, if you do not have a hand not cut.

42 - and that does not forgive the right holder stolen from him from the
thief, before reaching forward, otherwise it is not cut.

43 - and that does not offend limit Islam's reputation as being the ruling
Law important and important Phippdl pieces to fine and imprisonment or so,
this is more than forty condition must be met until all can be made to
reduce and cut the hands of thieves, and how to make these restrictions and
conditions to reduce a little bit, and even non-existent, it known: (thing
greater restrictions less of it).

Question ID 299 Thursday 31st of January 2013


if syeda fatima zahra (sa) would have given birth to hz mohsin (as) would he have been an imam aswell?


The Imams are 12 and their names were mentioned by the Prophet (SAWA)

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