Imam Ali (AS) said, 'The heart can only be made use of [to the best of its capacity] with generosity.

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Question ID  408  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-04-24 15:30:03
salamun ale kum, i want to know that if my mother and i didn't got anything from my father property accept one house, now alhumdullilah i am in wealth and wealth and living happy married life, now i want to send my mother for umrah, before me, i decided to send my mother first then i will go with my wife and children inshallah, but somebody says that for your mother not wajib because she didn't got anything from her husband property and her husband is no more in this world, after perfoming all wajibaat for my family neighbours and my relatives, please advise in this matter my niyat is that first of all i will send my mother for umrah, ziyarat and then haj, after that i will perform, is it accepted from allah..and how much i have to remove khums when i will send my mother for umrah...indian money i have to pay 48,000 Rs.
Answer:-  Umra is not obligatory, but Hajj is obligatory on every one who can afford.
If you can afford going for Hajj, then you must go this year and do not
delay fulfilling your religious duty. You are not allowed to postpone going
for Hajj just because you want to send your mother first. If your mother
can afford going for Hajj, then she must go for Hajj also. If your mother
has no personal money that she can go for Hajj, Hajj will not be obligatory
on her unless you gift her the Haj expenses.
Sending your mother for Hajj or Umra or Ziyarat is great reward and you
will get thousands of time more blessings.
You must pay Khums on all your savings, not only the amount of Umra. Khums
is 20% of all what you have.It must be paid once every year. The Khums of
48000 is 9600.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  405  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-04-24 15:45:02
how to get rid of wrong thoughts that arises in out mind? and am really worried about it.
Answer:-  Wrong thoughts are from Shaitan who is our worst enemy.
We must know first the origin of such wrong thoughts which is Shaitan, then
seek help from Allah (SWT) to fight Satanic thoughts by reciting Quran,
Du'a and Estighfaar as many times as we can. It is also very useful to say
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  368  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-03-12 11:30:01
Salam, I am travelling to Canberra, either Griffith or Campbell. May I know is there any Imambargah at Canberra city or nearby. Need the address there. And also whether Jum\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'a prayer, or Thursday evening Majlis or Shahadat night Majlises are held or not. I am going to live there permanently.
Answer:-  There are many Shias in Canberra. You may visit this link
Question ID  362  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-03-09 02:30:02
Salam. What is the point of view of Ahlulbait (AS) in the Gospel of Barnabas (the story of Prophet Jesus) (AS?
Answer:-  Gospel of Barnabas contains some facts which were been removed from other available bibles, like the fact of the glad tidings about the coming of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) after Prophet Jesus (As).
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  349  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-03-07 22:15:03
Salam Dear Respected Sayyid, I've read that the prophet said one should always recite sura al-Waqi'ah before sleeping, now my question is; will it serve the intention of reading it separately when one recites it in the nafilah normally done(in seating position) after Isha'i? Wassalam.
Answer:-  Reciting Sura al-Waqi'a every night is highly recommended.
If it recited within the Nafila of Isha or any other Salah, it will bring
more reward as the reward of Quran is more if recited within the Salah.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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