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Question ID  4101  -  Youth issues -  2017-12-17 06:15:03
Salam My name is jannat. Jannat is a right name for me Is there any Problem between my life and my name ? please tell me
Answer:-  It is good name and it means paradise.
. Try your best to always do good deeds which lead to Paradise.
Mohammad Al- Musawi

Question ID  4088  -  Youth issues -  2017-12-24 06:15:03
Assalam Alaikum My sister who is a divorcee 39yrs ,my question is can she do mutah with a sunni unmarried boy 25yrs age if yes then what is the minimum duration allowed and how many times can it be repeated as they both are interested only to fulfil their physical desires in a halal way and as he stays in another city and I would also like to know the exact procedure of mutah
Answer:-  Mut=E2=80=99a marriage is allowed between any Muslim ( presently unmarried =
) woman
and a Muslim man if they agree on the conditions including Mahr and Period.
It can be for any agreed time between them. They must fix the time and Mahr
which is her right, then she tells him; ZAWWAJTOKA NAFSI ALAL MAHR ALMALOOM
It is good to seek help from some one who know ARABIC well to recite the
Mutah marriage Seegha.
Question ID  4028  -  Youth issues -  2017-10-05 01:30:01
As-sallam. I have been attracted to a women who is already married but his husband is no more in this world. and she is not satisfied with her sexual life can i have physical relationship with her without marrying her.
Answer:-  If her husband is still alive and she is not been divorced by him and
passed three months period of IDDAH of Talaq, then it is absolutely Haraam
to have any relationship with her.
If her husband is dead and she passed four months and ten days ( IDDAH)
then she can marry her.
Physical relationship with her with out any type of marriage ( either
permanent or temporary) is a major sin.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3959  -  Youth issues -  2017-07-30 19:45:01
S.a Aaga jo bhavnagar Gujraat me jo huva uska koi bhi aapuska solution nikalo jo bhi kuch huva uska mujko bhutto apsos hai aur me aapse gujarish karta Hu aapse eska koi solution nikalo aaga bhavnagar jamat ka aur aapka bhi Naam kharb hota hai W.a
Answer:-  We always advise the Momineen for unity even if they have difference in the pinions because the love of Ahlul Bayt (AS) is much important than any difference.
Mohammad Al-Musawi


Question ID  3926  -  Youth issues -  2017-06-29 22:45:01
Assalam o alikum, I would like to inquire if I can watch religiouse proggrammes on television and use the same television for regular viewing purposes in which the screen may show pictures of animals and najis things . Similarly can we use our celllphones for religiouse reading eventhough it may be used for surfing regular internet where improper images may appear.
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to use in any lawful use.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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