The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  3645  -  Youth issues -  2016-12-20 19:15:02
Assalamoalaikum I want to know that is mutah with Agha Khanis,Druze, Wahhabi and Nizari allowed. Wassalam.
Answer:-  All of them are Muslims so it is allowed with other conditions.

Question ID  3641  -  Youth issues -  2016-12-02 01:15:01
Assalamoalaikum Agha I want to know 1- Are Agha Khanis ,Druze ,and Wahabii considered to be Muslim if yes then is mutah marriage is allowed with them. Wassalam
Answer:-  YES, Afghanis and Druze are Muslims. Wahabis are Muslims as well, unless
they declare enmity to Ahlul Bayt (AS).
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3640  -  Youth issues -  2016-12-02 01:15:01
Assalamoalaikum Agha is mutah with Zoroastrian allowed. Do we have to wipe our hand after shaking hands with Zoroastrian. Wassalam.
Answer:-  Muta is not allowed with Zaorastrian women.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3508  -  Youth issues -  2016-08-16 16:15:01
assalamu alaikum i would like to ask that can i talk to my cousin on phone or chat with her just for understanding each other as we both love each other since last 7 years and want to do marrige in future...?? what is the rule in islamic sharya regarding this issue.?
Answer:-  Your cousin sister is non Mahram to you and you are non Mahram to her as
well. If you love each other and want to get married in the future, you
both must recite an Islamic agreement (Aqd) of temporary marriage with a
condition from her that the agreement (Aqd) allows you to talk to each
other freely but no sexual intercourse. This Aqd will make your intimate
talking allowed.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3363  -  Youth issues -  2016-06-05 00:30:01
Salaam alaikum, I would like to know if masturbation without ejaculation is allowed? Or is it Makruh? Do any of the marja allow this act if not married and unable to marry for the time being? Thank you
Answer:-  Masturbation is forbidden in Islam, with or with out ejaculation. No Marja
nor any Aalim claimed it allowed for unmarried persons.
Unmarried persons are advised to fast as much as possible and to avoid
looking or reading or thinking about any matter which can Increase their
sexual urge.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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