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Question ID  909  -  Salat -  2013-12-04 13:00:01
Salam-Alikum. Can a Woman lead Men in prayers and why/why not pls. Can you point me in the direction of some literary references pls, be it The Holy Quran or others Thank You Salam-Alaikum
Answer:-  Woman who has all the conditions of leading the Prayers is allowed to lead
other women in Salatul Jama'ah, but she is not allowed to lead men. This is
for many reasons including keeping her respect and making her bow down in
front of men, as well as avoiding embarrassing her if she gets menstrual
bleeding during Prayer and many other reasons which are known by Allah
(SWT) and the Prophet (SAWA).
This rule is clear in all the Hadeeths of the Prophet (SAWA) and we read in
Quran that ( Who obeys the Prophet has in fact obeyed Allah) Sura An Nisaa
: 80 , and ( Take what ever the Prophet tells you and leave what ever he
tells you to leave)Sura Al-Hashr : 7.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  891  -  Salat -  2013-11-27 19:00:01
Assalamualaikum. I got a feeling of fart.but i think i didnt fart and it was inside the do i have to do a wuzu again..?
Answer:-  You do not need to perform Wuzu because you are not sure that you passed

Question ID  890  -  Salat -  2013-11-27 19:00:01
Assalamualikum. I was praying and during a ruku i lost my concentration and i dont remember what i recited in ruku other than salawat...but i think i recited what is to be recited in my namaz void...and is only salawat enough to be recited in ruku or sujood?
Answer:-  Your Salat is valid because you did not deliberately leave obligatory
Salawat is recommended in Ruku and Sojood, but Tasbeeh is obligatory.
Question ID  861  -  Salat -  2013-11-19 02:15:01
salam alaikum If i go to a place where salat is qasar for me and i know that i can be at home before my namaz becomes kaza,should i pray qasar or do i wait and than pray full when i reach home? Thank you
Answer:-  It is highly recommended to pray on the beginning of the time of Salat
whether you are travelling or not. In your case, pray Qasr as you are a
traveller, but do not delay your Salat.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  798  -  Salat -  2013-10-15 12:00:02
Dear Sir Salam Walekum & Eid Ul Adha Mubarak, Q: Recitng Tasbeehaat Arba'a is it compulsory to recite in 3rd & 4th rakat for wajib prayers or one can recite alhamd. Thanks & regards
Answer:-  Any of them is allowed, although many Ulama say that Tasbeehat is better in
the third and forth Rak'at.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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