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Question ID  4767  -  Divorce
A.o.A.... Me ne aik din gusse me apni wife ko keh dia k ab agr tm apne ghr gae to tme mere traf se 3 talak hai. lakin meri bv is k baad kbi apne ghr nhi gae . hm ne aik mufti se apne masla ka solution pocha to unho ne kaha k ab is ka aik hi solution hai k tm apni wife ko aik talak do aur wo 3 haiz me tmhre ghr rhe . 3 haiz k baad wo apne ghr chali jaye to shart khatam ho jaye gi kyu k os wakt wo tmhri wife nhi rhe gi aur phr tm os se nikah kr lo aur tmhre pass phr 2 talak ka haq reh jaye ge. mera question yeh hai k me ne os ko aik talak de di aur os doran me apni wife se baat b krta rha idat k doran aur khana b leta rha os se aur os ko duty pr chorne b jata rha. to kia aisa krne se mera ruju to nhi ho geya os se. aik 2 baar masti b ki idat k doran apni wife se jaise kiss krne k liye os k lips k kareeb b geya lakin kiss nhi ki ... kia aisa krne se hamare darmeyan ruju howa ya nhi.... please answer. Many thanks
Answer:-  If you touched or kissed your wife during Iddah, it means that the Talaq has become invalid and she is your wife again.
Mohammad Al-Musawi


Question ID  4724  -  Divorce
i was in nikah but had no sexual relation with my husband, no marriage ceremony took place now i want khula from my husband but he is not willing to give khula, i even dont want my mehr and want to forgive it to him and does not want to live with him, how can i have khula according to shariah.
Answer:-  Khula is a type of Talaq in which you convince the husband to agree to it against any material you give him even by forgiving Mahr or less or more. You need to convince him either directly or through others to agree on Khula.
No Khula can be enforced on him. If you have evidence that the marriage will be dangerous on your religion or safety, then you can refer to the Hakim Shariah to go through a procedure of enforced Talaq.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4627  -  Divorce
Assalamwalaikum Can a wife who has taken Khula return to her husband (through remarriage) after 2 years?
Answer:-  Yes after taking back what she gave him for khula divorce.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4484  -  Divorce
Assalammualaikum Sayedna, Q2315, after the divorce during iddah period u reply to the question, husband should not asked his wife to leave the house or the wife leave the house willingly. My question is what is the ruling if that thing happen in opposite, i mean the husband ask or the wife want to leave?because i never see/hear/know anybody stay together during iddah period, poor me. Is it still allowed to or must stay together after divorce during iddah? Thanks a lot.
Answer:-  Islamic rule which is very clear in Quran ( al-Talaq, verse 1) is :Divorced
wife to remain at the matrimonial home during the Iddah of Talaq.
Question ID  4462  -  Divorce
As salaamun ale kum A woman seperated from her husband for 6+ years it considered as still legally married to the same person ? Can nikah/mutah be contracted with such a woman
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Yes, she is still married to her husband no matter how long is the
separation period as far as no proper Islamic Talaq was announced in front
of two pious witnesses with all other conditions.
No Nikah nor Mutah can be done with such woman because she is still married.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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