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Question ID  682  -  Marriage
askm!last time i asked u question about can husband n wife can talk about other woman while doung sex ur answer was makrooh .what is makrooh is it haraam
Answer:-  Makrooh is not Haraam but disliked and harmful.

Question ID  679  -  Marriage
aslm! thankyou so much for your replies i goct in recenttimes.I wanted to know while doing sex can husband n wife talk about other womens body
Answer:-  It is Makrooh (disliked) for the husband to think about any other woman
when he is in sexual intercourse with his wife.
Mohamamd al-Musawi
Question ID  657  -  Marriage
Aslm! if a husband is going for ziarath to iraq but he had rift not on talking terms with his wife n not had husband relationship for months, is it necessarry to resolve his issues before going for ziarath to karbala,what are terms and conditions
Answer:-  Yes it is necessary for husband who is intending to go for Ziyarat to resolv=
e such issues of dispute between him and his wife. Leaving sexual relationsh=
ip with his wife for four months is forbidden in Islam. Islam emphasizes on r=
econciliation and resolving disputes as soon as possible. It is forbidden to=
stop talking to a Mo'min for three days, what about husband and wife. Wife a=
lso should avoid hurting or disobeying her husband otherwise she will be cur=
sed by Allah if she does injustice to her husband.
Mohammad al-Musawi=
Question ID  651  -  Marriage
Salaams, I am looking for Duas for both boys and girls to be able to get married enshallah as soon as possible? kindly assist jaza ka allah
Answer:-   [/54]
Question ID  639  -  Marriage
Alsalamu alykum I follow ayatullah sestani I read about mutah on the sestani english website and understood that a non-virgin girl will not need the fathers permission for the marriage. I then contracted mutah with a muslima non-virgin girl (who had lost her virginity in zina and has done tawba). I later was told that the sestani arabic website states that if virginity of girl is lost by zina then she is still treated as a virgin with regards to needing fathers permission for marriage. I then checked many times in the english website and did NOT find this new rule but I did find it in the arabic website. Is my previous time in mutah now haram? Do I continue in my mutah or do I now need the permission of her father to continue?
Answer:-  She needs permission from her father, otherwise you must stop the relation with her immediately.
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