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Question ID  746  -  Marriage
Salaam un alaikum, I had a question regarding the temporary marriage (mutah) and its rulings: 1) Can the process of mutah be performed over the telphone? 2) Is an iddah period applicable after the contract has ended? 3) Is the iddah applicable even in those cases where no sexual intercourse has been written as a condition? JazakAllah khair
Answer:-  >
> Q1) Can the process of Mutah be performed over the telephone?
A1) If they know each other with out any doubt, it is allowed to recite the
Mut'ah marriage agreement over the telephone mentioning the Mahr and the
period of the marriage.

> Q2) Is an iddah period applicable after the contract has ended?
A2. Iddah is must after Mut'ah marriage if sexual relationship was involved
between them. The Iddah then is two menstrual periods after the end or
termination of the Mut'ah marriage.

> Q3) Is the iddah applicable even in those cases where no sexual
> intercourse has been written as a condition?
> A3. No Iddah if they was no sexual relationship at all.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  744  -  Marriage
Asalamualaykum,I have a question regarding the validity of my nikah.Two years ago i performed nikah with a muslim brother without informing he's or my parents and i am in doubt of whether the nikah is valid or not.The nikah was  performed in order to protect ourselves from sining and doing haram. Both the girls family and boys family have met and are happy with the proposal but the issue was that the boy and my family wish for ua to study and make something of ourselves and also the boy and his family as of yet do not have the means to accomadate me as they are 5 people living in a small 2 bedroom house and so the boys family require good few years before they can consider getting their son married with me. Therefore, we took the step to do right and performed nikah as we know it is important to be halal and we couldn't stop speaking and meeting each other as we fell in love and wanted to be together. The nikah was conducted between us My blood brother who is mature was my wali along with 1 male and 2 female witnesses, in the nikah there was: offer, acceptance,reciting of kalima and dowry from man to woman.  It has been two years since we performed this nikah but I am very stressed, we have done everything a husband and wife does and I feel guilty about whether the nikah is legitimate and whether i done haram unknowingly please give me some guidance about whether this nikah is valid.  I know my father and mother are happy with the boy but until his parents do not agree to get us married we have to wait thus we undertook nikah to save ourselves during this wait . I would appreciate any advice you can give.Jazak'Allah
Answer:-  Virgin girl needs the approval of her father or paternal grand father for
her marriage. Your elder brother is not enough at all even with any number
of witnesses.
You stop having any sexual act with the man, until your father approves the
Nikah which you have done.
Try to convince him that your intention was just to save yourself from
falling in sinful act.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  738  -  Marriage
Sallam, in temperal mariage can the couple leave together? And can they start having children?
Answer:-  Temporary marriage (Mut'a marriage) is like any other marriage in making bot=
h allowed and even blessed to live together and they are of course allowed t=
o have children and the children will have full rights like any child from p=
ermanent marriage.
Mohammad al-Musawi=
Question ID  727  -  Marriage
salams..Agha i've asked you a question but you did'nt answer question is that,A virgin girl needs to marry to save herself from sin. In such cases Mut'a marriage is allowed..? as she know her father never allow her to do muta and no sexual itercourse is allowed in this muta..
Answer:-  According to most of Marja's of Taqleed, she is not allowed with out her
father's permission. If she needs to marry to save herself from falling in
sin and she can not wait, I advise her to refer to trusted pious local
scholars who should assess whether she has made a right decision and not
emotional, then guide her to Taqleed of a Marja' who allows such Mut'a
marriage under certain conditions, but no sexual relationship can be
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  717  -  Marriage
what is the duaa which both the boy and girl have to recite for duing muta' ??
Answer:-  After fulfilling all the conditions of the Mut'a marriage and agreeing on the Mahr and the duration of the Mut'a marriage, she tells him: ZAWWAJTOKA NAFSI ALAL MAHR AL MA'LOOM LIL MUDDATIL MA'LOOMAH, ( I marry you with the agreed Mahr for the agreed time) and he replies her : QABILTU ATTAZWEEJA LINAFSI ALAL MAHR ALMA'LOOM LILMUDDATIL MA'LOOMAH.( I agree to marry you with the agreed Mahr for the agreed time).
Virgin girl needs her father's permission or paternal grand father's.
Mut'a with Christian female needs permission of Muslim wife if any any.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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