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Question ID  716  -  Marriage
what is the procedure to do muttah? and what are the requirements of it?
Answer:-  After fulfilling all the conditions of the Mut'a marriage and agreeing on the Mahr and the duration of the Mut'a marriage, she tells him: ZAWWAJTOKA NAFSI ALAL MAHR AL MA'LOOM LIL MUDDATIL MA'LOOMAH, ( I marry you with the agreed Mahr for the agreed time) and he replies her : QABILTU ATTAZWEEJA LINAFSI ALAL MAHR ALMA'LOOM LILMUDDATIL MA'LOOMAH.( I agree to marry you with the agreed Mahr for the agreed time).
Virgin girl needs her father's permission or paternal grand father's.
Mut'a with Christian female needs permission of Muslim wife if any any.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  682  -  Marriage
askm!last time i asked u question about can husband n wife can talk about other woman while doung sex ur answer was makrooh .what is makrooh is it haraam
Answer:-  Makrooh is not Haraam but disliked and harmful.

Question ID  679  -  Marriage
aslm! thankyou so much for your replies i goct in recenttimes.I wanted to know while doing sex can husband n wife talk about other womens body
Answer:-  It is Makrooh (disliked) for the husband to think about any other woman
when he is in sexual intercourse with his wife.
Mohamamd al-Musawi
Question ID  657  -  Marriage
Aslm! if a husband is going for ziarath to iraq but he had rift not on talking terms with his wife n not had husband relationship for months, is it necessarry to resolve his issues before going for ziarath to karbala,what are terms and conditions
Answer:-  Yes it is necessary for husband who is intending to go for Ziyarat to resolv=
e such issues of dispute between him and his wife. Leaving sexual relationsh=
ip with his wife for four months is forbidden in Islam. Islam emphasizes on r=
econciliation and resolving disputes as soon as possible. It is forbidden to=
stop talking to a Mo'min for three days, what about husband and wife. Wife a=
lso should avoid hurting or disobeying her husband otherwise she will be cur=
sed by Allah if she does injustice to her husband.
Mohammad al-Musawi=
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Salaams, I am looking for Duas for both boys and girls to be able to get married enshallah as soon as possible? kindly assist jaza ka allah
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