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Question ID  3995  -  Zakat and Khums
Salamun ale kum, Can sheme sadat from khums be given to an alim who has lost his livelihood in a foreign land and has to go back to his home country ? Was Salaam
Answer:-  Sahm e Sadat is the right of poor Sadat.
Question ID  3956  -  Zakat and Khums
Salam alaikum Sayed Moosawi I have some money which i have taken out as fitra for qazah fasts and would like to know if i can give it to poor people in need or orphanage or contribution to a mosque etc. Can you please guide me. Thank you
Answer:-  Fitra must be given to our person or poor persons.
Qaza fast Fidya must be given as food to poor Momin
Mohammad Al-usawi

Question ID  3945  -  Zakat and Khums
I am presently reading again the book THEN I WAS GUIDED by Dr Mohammad Al-Tijani Al-Samawi. There is 40 mispellings of english words in it, I will be sending these onto you in the near future. I would like to know how much it would cost me for me to donate to you the cost of having 1000 or 2000 or up to 5000 copies of this book printed for you to distribute free of charge to interested people here in Britain and other english speaking western countries. Yours sincerely Muhammad Ali Hart (Glasgow Scotland) 0141 551 8003.
Answer:-  Thank you very much for your noble efforts to correct the translation and
publish this very useful book. The cost depends on the country where you
want to print the book, and the quantity of the books. You may ask printers
in your city or in London or any place you would like the book to be
printed in.
May Allah (SWT) bless you with more light and strength to spread the Truth.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3904  -  Zakat and Khums
as salam maulana, want to ask you that i have jawellery which i got as gift atthe time of my wedding from my parents as well as my inlaws. after two years of my marriage my husband fell ill and became paralysed and after that he could not work and we are dependent on my in laws for the monthly expenses,,now i want to know that r v supposed to pay zakat on the jewellry which is kept in the locker beacause we have no savings from the monthly expenses,,but i try to give khums evry year.please guide me on this matter soon .
Answer:-  No zakat on jewelry.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3903  -  Zakat and Khums
Mujtahid: Aqa e Sistani What is ruling of Khums on Life Insurance premiums that is paid on yearly basis ? Do we have to pay khums on the selected date for given yearly premiums ? (When taking Life Insurance the neyat is for Investment purpose, but of course that investment give good returns after 10,15 or 20 years) Wassalam,
Answer:-  It is an investment so you must calculate the amount you paid in your Khums.

Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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