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Question ID  2933  -  Zakat and Khums
Sir, My husband is a religious man, Alhamdolillah. He does a lot of charity. But somehow he never wanted to pay khums. We had a lot of arguement on this issue. I used to work for quite sometime. That time I asked a lady who knows religion more than me whether I can pay khums from my salary. She said yes you can. I gave khums without telling my husband. Astaghfirullah. But now we both are retired. My husband is sick. We have some saving (FD) and also we get some money in the form of rent every month. How do I solve this problem and what about the years during which I have not paid khums. We follow Aqaae Shistani. I am in a confused state of mind. I donot want to create any problem in the house since my husband is not well. Please advise. Thank you
Answer:-  Khums is obligatory on every one who has any thing more than his livelihood
expenses. You must pay Khums for any amount which you saved in every year.
Your husband must do the same but you can not force him. You may tell him
that it is obligatory .
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2920  -  Zakat and Khums
سلام عايك Should I specify to a needy that the money given to him is the part of the Sadat from khums or I could just give him with an excuse to avoid his feeling small ?
Answer:-  No need to tell the needy that the amount is from Sahm e Sadat or Khums or
any thing which can hurt his feelings. Just give it to him with utmost
respect you can.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2870  -  Zakat and Khums
Asalam-o-Alikum, Hope by the grace of Allah, Muhammad (SAWW) and Aayl-e Muhammad (AS) you receive this email in good health. May Allah gives you strength and encompasses prosperity serving the Ummah. I am in taqleed of Ayatullah Sistani. I have been earning on my own since late 2002 and in between shifted from my home country to Dubai, got married and Alhamdulillah bestowed daughter by Rabul Izzat. During these years all I have earned was to fulfill my monthly expenditure and livelihood. My salary was little and had to rely on loans and credit card for fulfilling necessity and sometimes leisure and things beyond necessity as well. But had not accumulated any saving or investments as such. Till April 2015, I have been into same stream. Later on I changed my job in mid of April-2015 and got my salary for three months in end of July 2015 as lumsum amount (which I saved after deducting all expenditures , rent etc) and since August start receiving my monthly salary as well. Based on above, I need your guidance and way forward to calculate and pay KHUMS on my saving (accumulated from July-2015 till now) and any KHUMS I was supposed to pay earlier, which due to my ignorance or little knowledge on this subject and religious matter has skipped. Truly I believe it’s my ignorance and now need to correct the same. Secondly, I have now decided to set a date (Muharram) of this year to start calculating KHUMS, which I believe will be payable next year before Muharram. Appreciate if you could confirm the same is acceptable and how to proceed and calculate. Thank you in advance and anxiously awaiting your guidance.
Answer:-  Accumulated salaries amount is usually used to pay for the debts for
livelihood expenses during those previous months. If any amount remains,
then Khums will be obligatory on it.
Your date of Khums should be same date when you started earning, then one
year after that , you must calculate if you have any amount saved or kind
unused. If you want to start from Muharram, you can do so but after paying
for the period from the start of your earning till Muharram.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2811  -  Zakat and Khums
As salaam ale kum, Can sadkha for the safety of Imam e Waqt (a.t.f.s) be given to needy shias or it is specifically for needy sayeds Was-Salaam
Answer:-  It can be given to any needy Shia on behalf of Imam Al-Mahdi ( AS).
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2792  -  Zakat and Khums
Janab Agha saab Salamun Alaikum I am following Aga Sistani saab 1. I received my salary on 1 sep and my khums date is also 1st Sep. Will there b khums on ot? 2. I have some fixed deposits in the bank. Will there be khums in it? 3. I have kept some cash with the jewellers for buying jewellery. Will there be Khums on it? Was Salam
Answer:-  >
> Q1. I received my salary on 1 sep and my khums date is also 1st Sep. Will
> there b khums on it ?
> A1. Usually salary is given for the previous month means after the end of
> the month of work, they give you the salary of it. If you use the salary in
> your livelihood, then no Khums on it till one year from receiving it if any
> amount remains.
> Q2. I have some fixed deposits in the bank. Will there be khums in it?

A2. Yes Khums is obligatory on every saving including fixed deposit.

> Q3. I have kept some cash with the jewellers for buying jewellery. Will
> there be Khums on it?
> A3. Yes it is obligatory to pay Khums on it because the amount is still
> not used in day to day needs.
> Wassalam

Mohammad Al-Musawi
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