Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, 'Generosity is one of the noble traits possessed by prophets. It is the pillar of belief, such that only a true believer will be generous, as well as one who possesses great certainty and high aspiration, for generosity is a gleam from the light of certainty, and the one who knows what he wants finds it easy to give away.

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Question ID  2448  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2015-04-24 09:00:01
"is it ok or forbidden or makrooh or haram to chat on whatsapp or Facebook with namahram women or men"
Answer:-  Chatting with non Mahram is not allowed in Islam unless it is a serious
matter like seeking advice from a specialist or learning from your teacher
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2447  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2015-04-24 09:00:01
Slam un alakom I would like to ask the ruling of Aytullah Ali sistani that if it is allowed to decorate house/room with wall papers of birds/ butterfly painting on them. Please note we mostly pray 5 daily prayers at home. Wassalam Wakil
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed, but it is Makrouh (disliked) to face pictures or
drawings of living beings while performing Namaz (prayers). Makrouh means
here less reward.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2291  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2015-03-02 03:00:01
Assalamu Alaykum I have a question. What is the evil eye? and is jealousy a sin if it only happens in your thoughts?
Answer:-  Evil eye is the eye of bad persons who look with hatred and do not like the
bounty to be with others.
Jealousy is bad and it does not happen but only in the hearts of bad
persons who do not trust the generosity and wisdom of Allah (SWT).
We should not allow any thought of jealousy to enter our mind at all and
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  2157  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2014-12-15 02:15:02
Is a female allowed to look at the face of a nonmahram male not with the intention of lust but because his face is handsome, also is a male allowed to look at the face of a nonmahram female not with the intention of lust but because her face is beautiful? I follow Ayatullah Seestani
Answer:-  It is not allowed.
Question ID  2147  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2014-12-07 19:45:02
is it true that the prophet horse is in the sky flying i saw a video that showed a white horse flying so i asked some shia head masters and they said it was the prophet horse and then i asked some suna head masters and they said they dont know.
Answer:-  Al Buraq has been mentioned in many books as the mean that Prophet Mohammad
(SAWA) used in Me'raj. It is one of the miracles of the Prophet (SAWA).
Mohamamd al-Musawi

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