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Question ID  1651  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2014-07-10 21:00:02
Asalam Aliekum If a sunni girl you intended to marry knew you were a shia then after a while she refuses to marry you because you are a shia and she wont relent in her decision even after tying to clear the air, simply because she was told shias are not Muslims by people who know nothing about shias is it right to tell her you have changed and hide your faith knowing the fact that when your married she will come to know the real truth about shias like most people do thus when you will tell her the truth?
Answer:-  No, it is not allowed to lie in this situation. She will then tell you in
the future that you lied to her. Be strong in your faith and never bow down
for your desires. She has to study now and know the reality if she wants to
be your wife. I do not advise you to marry her if she does not understand
and follow Shia Islam which is in fact the Islam of the Prophet (SAWA) and
his Ahlul Bayt (AS).
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1475  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2014-06-07 03:30:01
Salam thank you so much for answer my question have one more. If a Father has been lieing to the goverment to get money for sickness benefit for people who don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t work who are ill and sick or disabled. Which the money is for the son But the son is not really and the son is telling the job centre his not but they keep giving money and if the son says the Father might get arrested. Because the son wants to go to collage and high education for a job. The son is telling the truth but if he goes to collage then uni the money his getting might be cut off does not have skills for work at the same time when he goes to collage then cant pay for bills eating and housing what should he do. What the Father is doing in a country where no job can the son report him to the poilce or keep the money at the same time go to collage but he might be eating the food which is harram in islam from that money which harms him can he go to do his duty for Allah to get a high job at same time keep mon ey or not if he truns out poor what is the islamic solution the way out so the son can do what he must for his living future what the Father is doing what the son is eating food is he goes hungry am living in England really need some help and is there any islamic centre which can email them for more fatwa tell me what to do
Answer:-  Muslim should not lie, and this is the responsibility of every Muslim.
You should be very polite with your father and never disrespect him or
cause harm to him. You may explain to him in a very polite manner your
responsibilty to say the truth .
Mohammad al-Musawi

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Salam have a questiob been emailing you on your email really need a fatwa from you. It is really it is one that need because been checking could you tell me when do you answer your emails have no scholar in my area
Answer:-  SALAM

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> Question : Salam have a questiob been emailing you on your email
> really need a fatwa from you. It is really it is one that need because
> been checking could you tell me when do you answer your emails have no
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Agar koi ameer kisi gareeb k samney ache libas pahan ke jae aur agar gareeb insaan dil me sochey ki kash mere pas bhi aisey kapde hotey. to kya ameer admi pe gunaah padega
Answer:-  Rich person should not hurt the feeling of the poor by showing his wealth
in front of poor to make him feel sad.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1231  -  Interaction in Social Life -  2014-03-20 16:15:02
Salam moulvi sahab My sister wants to open an account on WhatsApp but I feel she will get addicted to it and.waste her time what should I tell her
Answer:-  It depends on the use of the application and the nature of her friends. She
can get useful knowledge and reminders from good friends , and she can get
time wasting or harmful material.
Mohammad l-Musawi
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