Imam Ali (AS) said, 'Generosity is a means of nearness [to Allah].

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Question ID  5504  -  Miscellaneous -  2021-07-15 01:30:03
Dear Syed Furqan Ali, This email is to verify that we have received your question # 115325 Question: Assalamoalikum Aj kal snack video bhaut used ho rha Hy isme snack video company apni promotion k liye videos dekhny per Kuch earning De rha Hy jab k me ager videos ko mute kar deta Hun aur Kisi kism k moseeqi ki awas sunny baghair aur videos per concern kiye bagair hi video drag kar deta Hun Tu wo earning mery liye jaiz hay ya haram hy
Answer:-  *We should not promote any item or business which has music or songs or
unlawful pictures. If you mute it for yourself and market it to others who
usually listen to it, you will be responsible for promoting it.*
*Muhammad al-Musawi*

Question ID  5497  -  Miscellaneous -  2021-07-13 01:38:59
Agha Salaam, Does gender of animal matters in the Qurbani of Eiduz Zuha? Jazakallah Hadi Baquiri, NJ
Answer:-  No, it does not matter. Wassalam.
Question ID  5481  -  Miscellaneous -  2021-07-13 02:03:06
Salam I had a dream which I wanted to find out the meaning. I saw in the dream the golden dome of the shrine of imam Hussain (a.s) and there was a man who was crying and asking for forgiveness. And then a voice said you are going to marry a Lebanese. What does this dream mean?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
This website is not for explaining dreams which is a personal matter, but
for questions which concern general public.

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Please could you let me have your email address.

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Please can you do an istikhara for me? I have done my intention.
Answer:-  The Estikhara is not good.
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