Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, 'Generosity is one of the noble traits possessed by prophets. It is the pillar of belief, such that only a true believer will be generous, as well as one who possesses great certainty and high aspiration, for generosity is a gleam from the light of certainty, and the one who knows what he wants finds it easy to give away.

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Question ID  680  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-08-15 19:15:01
salam, can we recite any dua in kanout or are there any specifications? what recitations do we have to say in wajib sajdas of quran?
Answer:-  Q1. Can we recite any dua in Qunout or are there any specifications?
*A1. Yes, we can recite any Du'a in Qunoot.*

Q2. What recitations do we have to say in wajib sajdas of quran?
any remembrance of Allah. *
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  678  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-08-15 20:15:02
Salam Alakum, Allah swt has blessed us with a new baby in a few weeks time. What is the protocol of having a new baby and what do you say in to their ears? What other dua and Quran do we read on them or in their ears? What other advise do you have? Thank you Wsa
Answer:-  Mubarak Insha Allah.
It is recommended to recite Azan in the right ear of the newly born, and
Iqamah on the left ear.
If the newly born is a boy, then circumcision is recommended on the seventh
day after birth.
Aqeeqa is also highly recommended on the seventh day or any day.
Good Muslim name is to be given to the child.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  662  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-08-06 03:30:01
Salam alaikum sayed musawi Is it allowed to wear a coin or note wrapped in a cloth which people call imam zamin for protection? Jazakallah
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed, then the money should be given to Sadat from grand childr=
en of Imam Reza (AS) if you had such intention , otherwise according to your=
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  658  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-08-05 08:00:01
Ass-Salamu-Alaiqum Jnab Iwant to know about ETTEQAF according to SHIA.Ahle Sunnat undergo Etteqaf in last ashra of ramzan and said it is sunnh.I heared that after martyrdom of Hazarat Imama Ali ibn Abutalib(AH),Leaders of ahle sunnat spent ten days in masajid for thier sake. Is it true. with Regards
Answer:-  E'tikaaf is recommended always whenever fasting is possible especially durin=
g the last ten days of the month of Ramadhan.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  656  -  Miscellaneous -  2013-08-10 19:15:02
aslm! few days back in my dream i saw some ladies wearing black Abaa reciting ziarath at my birth place home .then one lady came towards me wearing Abaa she asked me to distribute tabaruk n she said it was kept next to fridge .when i took the tabaruk i saw some olives kept .when i was going to distribute tabaruk i saw my husband in front of me so i asked him tp take tabaruk but then i forgot what happened please tell me the meaning of the dream
Answer:-  Salam wr wb
This website does not deal with dreams.
May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family.

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