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Question ID  5473  -  Zakat and Khums -  2021-07-13 02:03:06
Can we remove fitra of Imam Zaman a.s?
Answer:-  Yes, you can do that.

Question ID  5215  -  Zakat and Khums -  2020-03-21 20:45:02
Salams and Duas. I want to know about Sadaka money please. We are inshAllah with tawfiq of AllahSWT and duas of Alhlulbayt trying to help a community in india a small town.We have sadaka money, can we spend in buying for them things for their mosque like needy things like carpet, or put for them in a madressah property they want to buy, or for tables and chairs for madressa. if not pls guild us where sadaka money is to be spend thank you very much with lots of duas
Answer:-  It depends on the intention of the donor. If the intention was Sadaqa for poor people, then it must be given to the poor people only. If he intention was for general charity, then it can be given to any other good cause.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5214  -  Zakat and Khums -  2020-03-21 19:45:02
Thanks for your reply. Is it allowed to move my khums date forward if I would like to give my khums to an urgent cause? JazakAllah khair
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to move your Khums date before the old date.

Question ID  5213  -  Zakat and Khums -  2020-03-21 02:30:01
Thank you for answering my question regarding how to donate money towards Iran in their fight against corona virus. I wanted to ask if we are allowed to give our khums for this purpose and what proportion of khums can go to this cause? JazakAllah khair
Answer:-  The leading Maraaji' of Taqleed including Ayatullah Sistani permitted
giving half of Sahm e Imam ( AS) in this noble purpose.
Question ID  5212  -  Zakat and Khums -  2020-03-20 22:00:02
Salaam alaykum Dear Sayyed InshaAllah you are well. Please could you tell me how to donate money to Iran to help them fight Coronavirus. JazakAllah khair
Answer:-  WABIL is running a campaign to help Coronavirus victims in Iran and other countries. You can send your contribution to any organisation who are involved in this work and you trust, or to WABIL, Account number 01287201, Sort Code 30-00-83 Ref: Corona Aid

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