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Question ID  360  -  Salat -  2013-03-06 21:00:01
Salam. Can you give me a link or site for advance salat, aside from this link ? Sukran and Wassalam...

Question ID  340  -  Salat -  2013-02-22 12:45:02
Salam. This is only a followup question for Question ID 339 - Salat. If I will combined dhuhur and asar prayer as well as maghrib and isa prayer, how may rakat's should I do, for dhuhur and asar; and maghrib and isa prayer? Sukran
Answer:-  The number of Rak'ats remains the same ; 4 for Dhuhr , then after Dhuhr , 4 R=
ak'ats for Asr. Maghrib is 3 Rak'ats then Isha is 4 .
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  339  -  Salat -  2013-02-22 12:00:03
Salam Can I always combined the salat Dhuhur and Asar; Maghrib and Isah? How many rakat's for Dhuhur and Asar; Maghrib and Isa if I will combined them? The Quran mentioned only prayers on "come up with the evening"; "enter in the morning"; and "afternoon". Quran 30:17 and Quran 33:42 Is it obligatory to perform 5 times prayers, when the Quran mentioned only those particular time? Sukran.
Answer:-  Yes, the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) did pray in Madina Dhuhr then Asr immediate=
ly, and Maghrib then Isha immediately . He said : I am joining the prayers t=
o avoid putting burdon on my umma. We are allowed to join Dhuhr and Asr and a=
lso Maghrib and Isha, as well as to separate them. We have five daily obliga=
tory prayers to be performed in three timings : Dhuhr ( for Dhuhr then Asr) ,=
beginning of night ( for Maghrib then Isha) and Fajr, as we read in Quran (=
Sura al-Esraa' 78 and Sura Hood 114.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  310  -  Salat -  2013-02-04 21:45:02
As salamun alaikum... Is it wajib to recite namaz when we enter any masjid? eg: gone for nikah to the masjid so is it compulsory to recite 2 rakat namaz?
Answer:-  It is recommended to pray two Rak'at of Tahiyyat al Masjid when we enter any Masjid. It is not obligatory to do so, but just recommended.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  223  -  Salat -  2013-02-08 10:32:45
as-salamu 'aleikum warahamatllahi wabarakatuh. Sayed pls i'm a new follower of Ahlulbayt and I want to know what Namaz is
Answer:-  AlaikumSalaam WRWB, Please visit for detailed instructions on how to offer your daily salaat. Wassalam
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