Imam Ali (AS) said, 'Generosity is a means of nearness [to Allah].

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Question ID  1497  -  Zakat and Khums -  2014-06-18 08:45:01
Salamunalaikum, Further to my question (Question ID 1494) Is it permissible to loan these savings to a family member before the time I have to pay Khums on them and after a few months they return them back to me. Walsalaam
Answer:-  Khums is obligatory on you for any weal or kind that you own, whether the
money or kind is in your hands or your bank account or with others as far
as you are the owner and the money is not lost.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1494  -  Zakat and Khums -  2014-06-12 03:30:01
Assalamu alaikum, I have a question regarding zakat and khums. My annual zakat and khums that I need to pay is due in August. However, I am currently saving money to buy a house to live in which I may buy in September (Allah willing). My question is do I still need to pay zakat and khums on these savings for the house, even tough this would means that I will no long be able to buy the house in September and will have to wait long to save the money again? Jazakallah khair ul jazaa, wal salaam.
Answer:-  As far as you did not buy and reside at the house ich you intend to
buy, all the money which will be with you on the date of Khums, must be
calculated for Khums purpose.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1339  -  Zakat and Khums -  2014-05-01 18:45:02
Salaam alaykum, I would like to make Khums payment. Please could you let me know a reliable and safe place to pay? I have seen W.A.B.I.L\\\'s account details on the Q&A section, but would like to know your current details. I would also like a receipt please via email once payment has been made. Thanks and may Allah give you great health and reward. Salaam
Answer:-  You may send the amount to:
SORT: 60-24-04
Acc. 60585285
We will make it reach the deserving persons and send you the receipts iA.
Question ID  1334  -  Zakat and Khums -  2014-04-30 08:45:02
i want your E MAIL ID

Question ID  1268  -  Zakat and Khums -  2014-04-06 21:30:01
Salam Syed pls answer my query. 1.Khums is wajib on whom? 2. At what times should we give khums? ( i mean when should we give? Like once a year or before ziyarat, hajj, etc. I want to know this ans briefly) 3. To whom should we give khums? Wassalam
Answer:-  > 1.Khums is wajib on whom?
> A1. Khums is obligatory on every Muslim who has any thing ( money, kind
> etc) more than his real expenses . Khums is 20% of that amount which
> remains every year after spending the usual and lawful expenses.

> 2. At what times should we give khums? ( i mean when should we give? Like
> once a year or before ziyarat, hajj, etc. I want to know this ans briefly)
> A2. Once a year on a fixed date which you start from the day you started
> earning or any other date you select if you pay Khums from the previous
> period.

> 3. To whom should we give khums?
> A3. Half of Khums is called Sahm e Sadat which is to be given to needy
> Sadat, and the other half is called Sahm e Imam which is to be given now a
> days to the Marje of Taqleed or any of his authorized deputies to be spent
> in serving religion, people and good cause. You may seek permission to
> spend part of Sahm e Imam in any good cause that you know.

Mohammad al-Musawi
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