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Question ID  728  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-09-03 03:00:01
can we give share of our khums to our close relatives who are poorlike to our cousins ? if yes, then what percentage of khums can we give to them? Thanks for your guidance. May Allah give u Jaza-e-Khair.
Answer:-  Helping your poor relatives is very important and it must be given more
importance than helping other poor person if your relatives are really in
Khums is two parts i.e Sahm Imam (AS) and Sahm Sadat. If your poor
relatives are Sadat, you can give them from Sahm Sadat. If your poor
relatives are not Sadat, then you need to seek permission from your Marja'
of Taqleed to give part of Sahm Imam (AS) to them.
It is great reward to help your poor relatives from your own money (the 80%
which remains with you after paying your obligatory Khums).
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  649  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-08-03 20:45:02
As-slamu-alaiqum Jnab, I am salaried person in India,Please guide me amount and procedure of Zakat and Khums. with regards
Answer:-  What ever you remains from your salary or any other income, Khums will be
obligatory on it once every year.
Zakatul Fatra is also obligatory on the eve of Eid ul Fitr.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  633  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-07-29 21:15:01
As-salamu-alaiqum Jnab, I want to know the conditions of Zakat in country like India,where income tax is compulsory by government .
Answer:-  Khums and Zakat are compulsory after spending on all your lawful expenses
including your taxes.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  596  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-07-14 23:45:02
As salam alikum, I am in takleed of ayatollah agha sistani sahab may i know who is the trusty wakeel to pay my khums in hyderabad india .And may i know which is the best date in month of ramzan to give khums.eg: 15 ramzan are 21 ramzan night or any other. THANKS, khudahafizzz.
Answer:-  Wassalam.
The Wakeel Maali of Marja Taqleed Ayatullah Sistani in Bombay is Haji Mohib
Ali Nasser 00919920786110

Question ID  585  -  Zakat and Khums -  2013-07-12 09:00:01
Dear Sir, do you think that the Khums and Zakat can only be disbursed through those who are either maulana of our sects or people who are close to those powerfull maulana. If no then please tell me whether you can help us in finding people who can provide donation of any nature for the purpose of our on going project to save the Imambargah and other religious places specially in Bihar India. Sir, we have a complete plan if you are interested please reply. With Thanks & Regards Syed Wequar Haider
Answer:-  There are many Mo'mineen who help in Bihar, and would like to help more. Ple=
ase send details of your project so that it can be assessed .
Mohammad al-Musawi

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