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Question ID  5740  -  Marriage -  2022-08-24 02:00:02
Salam. I am a shia muslim boy from Pakistan, currently studying and living in Germany. I am 24 years old. I want to marry a sunni girl. She does veil(parda), she is educated. I want to do love marriage with her. I have considered all the aspects as well. The girl is completing her Masters degree from Pakistan prestigious institute. But, my father does not allow me to marry her , as my father says "we are syed, we should marry in our own family". My father humiliates the girl and her home by saying they are from lower caste and I should not marry a sunni girl. She is muhib e Ehl e bayt (as). She has no hatred. I love the girl and I believe with the help of Allah Almighty, I will make a good understanding with her as I have known her from many long time, and we will live happily. (InshaAllah).
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Love is an emotional state which does not remain forever. Millions of young
people had love marriages but emotions did not remain the same. You should
be realistic and think about the future when emotions from both sides
diminish or decrease. Are you sure that this girl will be good wife
following Ahlul Bayt (AS) and bringing your children to be on loving and
following Ahlul Bayt (AS)? Are you sure that she will not return back to
her family history and sect?
After considering these factors and related issues, you should weight the
plus points against minus points.
You don=E2=80=99t need your father=E2=80=99s permission for your marriage b=
ut you should
keep the respect of your parents and never hurt them.

Question ID  5739  -  Marriage -  2022-08-22 17:00:02
Can a Muslim women performs nikkah with a Hindu boy?
Answer:-  *No. Muslim woman is never allowed to marry non Muslim man. *

Question ID  5733  -  Marriage -  2022-08-15 08:00:02
I live abroad and far away from my wife. If I get an orgasm while looking at the pictures of my wife or talking with her on the phone and orgasm leads to ejaculation without using my hands or any object. So it is allowed to do so or not. I am a follower of Ayatullah Sistani
Answer:-  Yes, you can do that talking to your wife with out musterbation.
Question ID  5713  -  Marriage -  2022-06-26 04:30:02
Can Shia (Asna Ashri) man marry with a Sunni girl?
Answer:-  Yes, it is permissible as far as he is sure that such marriage will not
harm his faith now or in the future.

Question ID  5699  -  Marriage -  2022-05-21 06:30:02
Asalam o alykum i just want to know does married muslim man needs a permission from his wife before doing a mutah to divorcee muslim woman?
Answer:-  No, he does not need permission but all conditions must be applied
including not doing injustice on his wife.

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