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Question ID  5039  -  Food & Drinks -  2019-10-05 11:30:01
In this modern era of mass production, most farms harvest milk entirely and they kill the baby cow and use cruelty raising them. Is it moral to avoid dairy to stop harm if we have other healthy food?
Answer:-  We are not sure that the milk which we drink is from killing baby cow or
from torturing the cows, that is why we are not responsible to stop using
the milk.
Wrong doers will face the result of their wrong. We don't support them at
all. We can not tell people to stop drinking milk.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5007  -  Food & Drinks -  2019-09-21 08:00:02
AsSalam Alaikum WRWB. Aagha se mera Sawal ye hai ki - kiya Taanbe(Copper)ke bartan men Khana peena Jayez hai ? Thnks - JazakaAlla WasSalam
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to eat and drink in copper plate or vessel.
Only golden and silver plates or vessels are not allowed for eating and
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4592  -  Food & Drinks -  2019-02-14 18:30:01
We have been invited by a hindu family on a dinner. We have been refusing many times before but this time they insisted in such a manner that we couldnot say no. The question is that what kind of ifood items are we permissible to eat there ??? The sunni muslims eat everything there and they inspite knowing donot hesitate to share their food.
Answer:-  We are allowed to eat any veg food which we do not that it is Najis i.e. not touched with wetness by Mushrik or Kaafir.

Question ID  4536  -  Food & Drinks -  2018-12-23 03:45:01
Is smoking marijuana Halal or haram according to aytulla sistani
Answer:-  It is Haraam because it is intoxicant.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4521  -  Food & Drinks -  2018-12-05 23:30:01
Salaam Can we buy sea food - fish from non muslim (Hindu) for consumption?
Answer:-  Yes, it is allowed to buy fish (with scales) or prawns from non Muslim as far as you know that it did not die inside the water which is the condition for every fish with scale to be Halal.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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