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Question ID  5635  -  Marriage -  2022-01-26 04:30:02
Salam, I follow Ayatollah Sistani. I was wondering about the marriage contract condition of having a serious intention. Does the serious intention need to be present for both the offer and acceptance or just one of them for the contract to be valid?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
When both of them agree for marriage, and recite the Nikah directly or
through some one on their behalf, that is enough along with other
conditions. Serious intention does not mean more than willingness and
accepting the marriage. It should be recited in joking or for laughing with
out intention of marriage.
Question ID  5624  -  Marriage -  2022-01-04 10:00:02
Can my husband stop me from staying at my parents house with my kids for a few days or week?
Answer:-  *Yes, as you have to stay with him and your staying with your parents can
deprive him from his rights as a husband. Your children should stay with
their father if he wants them with him. If you need to stay with your
parents for a day or more, you must convince your husband and get his

Question ID  5593  -  Marriage -  2021-11-22 12:30:02
Salam, I live in Canada and I follow ayotallah sistani. I was wondering do we read the same marriage formula and follow the same marriage conditions regardless if we are marrying a shia girl or non-shia girl. Please let me know.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Yes, it is always the same marriage formula.

Question ID  5581  -  Marriage -  2021-11-05 04:00:02
Salam Alaikum Sayid, I am an independent virgin woman, over the age of 30 and I am living on my own. I met a man and we have spent time getting to know each our and alhamdillah are maintaining Islamic etiquettes and laws. We each live in different cities and as a result we are only available to meet during weekends for a couple of hours (if work permits). We both would like to spend more time with one another, though neither of us can afford spending money on a hotel for the weekend over a continuous period. I wanted to enquire whether it is permissible for me to do a temporary marriage to overcome this obstacle of lodging or would I need to seek permission from my father/grandfather. Our intention is only to get to know one another better and not to engage in anything physical. Wsalam
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb.
Virgin girl needs for her marriage ( permanent or temporary) permission
from her father or paternal grand father.
Mohammed al-Musawi

Question ID  5578  -  Marriage -  2021-11-01 02:00:01
There are hadiths in Wasail al-Shia that it is preferable to marry those women have big buttocks. On the basis of that, is it lawful for the suitor (or his mother and sister on his behalf) to ask the woman he is interested in marrying, to wear skirt or jeans (she wears heavy hijab outside home) and take a look at her back to get an idea of the size of her buttocks?
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed for his mother of sister or any other trusted female to
see the size of her body.
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