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Question ID  5699  -  Marriage -  2022-05-21 06:30:02
Asalam o alykum i just want to know does married muslim man needs a permission from his wife before doing a mutah to divorcee muslim woman?
Answer:-  No, he does not need permission but all conditions must be applied
including not doing injustice on his wife.

Question ID  5658  -  Marriage -  2022-03-26 23:00:02
Salam Sayid, A woman secretes a fluid when aroused. Is it permissible for a husband to swallow this fluid? Wsalam
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
This fluid which is secreted gradually on being aroused is not Najis and
does need Ghusl or even Wudhu. As it is not Najis, it is for the husband to
choose what he wants to do provided it should not be harmful for health.
Ghusl becomes obligatory after ejaculation or penetration in the sexual
Question ID  5645  -  Marriage -  2022-02-17 03:00:02
Asalam Aleikom, Does the father of a virgin woman have the right to stipulate conditions in the marriage contract as he pleases or does the couple have the final say in what conditions can be included?
Answer:-  *Conditions of the marriage should be according to Islamic rules and must
be agreed by both man and woman. Virgin girl=E2=80=99s father has the right=
in her
marriage to stop any emotional misuse or any harm which can happen to her.
His conditions must be agreed by man and woman to be binding. *
Question ID  5635  -  Marriage -  2022-01-26 04:30:02
Salam, I follow Ayatollah Sistani. I was wondering about the marriage contract condition of having a serious intention. Does the serious intention need to be present for both the offer and acceptance or just one of them for the contract to be valid?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
When both of them agree for marriage, and recite the Nikah directly or
through some one on their behalf, that is enough along with other
conditions. Serious intention does not mean more than willingness and
accepting the marriage. It should be recited in joking or for laughing with
out intention of marriage.
Question ID  5624  -  Marriage -  2022-01-04 10:00:02
Can my husband stop me from staying at my parents house with my kids for a few days or week?
Answer:-  *Yes, as you have to stay with him and your staying with your parents can
deprive him from his rights as a husband. Your children should stay with
their father if he wants them with him. If you need to stay with your
parents for a day or more, you must convince your husband and get his

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