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Question ID  5864  -  Food & Drinks -  2023-03-14 17:00:02
Salam Aylekum . I am new to Islam and have a question regarding some food. I like to use ready puff pastry but I read ingredients and it says that it contains alcohol 😓 is it allowed to use it or not for cooking as during cooking alcohol evaporates. Kind regards Asya
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
It is not permissible to utilize any food item which contains alcohol. Even
if the alcohol evaporates while cooking, food had already become Najis
(impure) by touching the alcohol.

Question ID  5782  -  Food & Drinks -  2022-11-22 09:00:02
There is a persian restaurant in my area they serve halal food but they have a bar in the restaurant it it allowed to do a takeaway⅚ thankyou
Answer:-  It is not allowed to eat meat from any restaurant before being sure that
they really serve Halal food. Their claim only is not enough with out
proper evidence, as many of them are after more money and not concerned
about real Halal. How can we trust them when they sell alcohol against all
the teachings of Islam.

Question ID  5764  -  Food & Drinks -  2022-10-17 18:00:02
These days there is fish oil in Baby milk formula. However, it does not mention which fish. Therefore, there is no way to know if the oil derived from the fish had scales or not. Can we can give this milk formula or any othe food with fish oil to the baby?
Answer:-  We need to verify and be sure that this oil was taken from a Halal fish (
with scales).
Muhammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  5651  -  Food & Drinks -  2022-03-02 23:30:02
Assalamualikum, us it permissible to eat sushi?
Answer:-  If the fish has scales on it then it is allowed to eat it.
Question ID  5591  -  Food & Drinks -  2021-11-22 13:30:01
Assalamalaikumwarehmatullabarakatu Are eating of fish eggs permitted in islam
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb Yes.
Yes it is permitted to eat eggs of the fish provided that the fish has
scales on it and did not die in the water.
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